[EXPIRED] Invite Promo Is Back!

Promotion Details:

From Thursday August 6th till August 10th 2015, Gameflip will be rewarding you and your friend $3 in Gameflip Credits for each friend who registers using your Invite Code! If they buy any item, you get another $3 in Gameflip Credits per purchase. To take part, your friend must use your Invite Code when they create their account and verify with a valid US mobile or landline phone number. VoiP numbers will not be accepted.

After a friend has registered with your code, you will receive a notification for redeeming your Credits. Simply tap on the notification before the promotional period ends to redeem your Credits. After redemption, they will expire in 7 days – so use it before you lose it!

To participate, you must have a Gameflip account. Invite Code must be entered carefully and correctly at the time of Registration.

Limit of 10 invited friends. All Gameflip users have a limit of 10 invited friends, promo or no promo, so any friends invited during the promotional period are subject to this limit. For example, if you invited 3 friends prior to the promo, you can only invite up to 7 friends during the promo. After the promo, if you have invited a total of 10 friends, then you are no longer eligible to receive Credits for inviting friends. The same limit and rules apply for the purchases made by friends.

Promotion will run until Monday, August 10th 2015 - 3PM ET/12PM PT

Here’s a quick and nice tutorial on how to invite friends and use invite codes by @linhtropy

The picture says $3 for their first transaction, and the message says $4. Would I be correct in assuming this is replacing the usual $2 for a sign up and $4 for a transaction? If so does this mean the old $2/$4 promo is over with or will it resume as usual after the 10th?

Good catch! It was a typo on the text, so in the promo period we’re granting $3 for inviting a friend and $3 for the purchases made by friends. I made the correction already.

After the promotion, we should resume the “classic” invite gets $2, purchase gets $4 in Credits.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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this is great. :), do you have something planned on christmas?, haha