[EXPIRED] 100,000 Users Celebration Promo!

Promotion Details:

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Gameflip reached over 100,000 users this week! And in appreciation of this amazing mark in our history, we would like to offer you another great Friend Invite Promotion!

You will get $5 in Credits for every friend you invite and for every purchase they make! This is a limited time offer, but we are not fixing an end date. For now, let’s just enjoy this moment. :sunglasses:

To participate, you must have a Gameflip account. Your friend must use your Invite Code when they create their account and verify with a valid US mobile or landline phone number. VoIP numbers will not be accepted. Invite Code must be entered carefully and correctly at the time of Registration.

After a friend has registered with your code, you will receive a notification for redeeming your Credits. Simply tap on the notification before the promotional period ends to redeem your Credits. After redemption, they will expire in 7 days – so use it before you lose it!

Limit of 6 invited friends. All Gameflip users have now a limit of 6 invited friends, promo or no promo, so any friends invited during the promotional period are subject to this limit. For example, if you invited 3 friends prior to the promo, you can only invite up to 3 additional friends during the promo. The same limit and rules apply for the purchases made by friends.

Again, this is a limited time offer.

I hope you all enjoy this promotion and let us know if you have questions or comments about it!

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I wish I could still invite friends, you should reset limits as celebration as well, haha :smile:

Great job with this!

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@Shigakure, if you promise me to invite another 100,000 friends that will turn into users, I’d love to reset your limits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I won’t get 100,000, but I will definetely invite at least 20-30 during the week, and 100’000 during my life time, I promise, haha

I see you are a well connected guy, aren’t ya? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hahahah not really, but I try to convince people on internet as well, many of them believe this is a scam :frowning: haha, this app is incredibly good.

Anyways, I hope you guys take in consideration to reset credits earn by inviting friends after a period time or by making surveys or whatever, I would really love take advantage of this incredible promotions :slight_smile:

Oh, they think it’s a scam even after getting Gameflip Credits, for FREE? :hear_no_evil:
You know that you can still invite your friends, right? Your rewards might be already capped, but your friends will still get the Credits by being invited by you.

Oh ywah I know and I keep teelling people about this app, because it’s really great, but of course I would love to earn more credits haha

And yeah, most of the people believe it’s a scam, or that you guys want to get their information, and I gotta be sincere, at the beginning I couldn’t believe the thing about credits, hahaha a system like this one is great, hard to believe hahah, great app, best app ever in my opinion

Now if only I had friends who were interested! So far I had two people and I didn’t get to use the credits last time (because the items I wanted were out of my price range). But hey, going to be in a different state for a few months, so that’s new people to try and sign up!

I’ve invited many friends in real life, also on facebook, friends who play videogames online with me, I even made a YouTube video for people who is interested. :slight_smile: Try to take advantage of promotions such as the current one ($5 per friend)

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lol That’s the thing, I already talked to all my friends who are interested and we are all pretty much just to hard up on money to really take advantage of the sight. But hey, those are good ideas and I’ll make sure to remember them :slight_smile:

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