Increase limit of inviting friends credits

Hi, I’ve invited 54 people to the app, and I’ve gotten credits for only 10 of them :frowning: haha, I wish you could give at least $1 per invite or .05 cents, once you reach 10 invites.

Thank you, hope you take it in consideration.

Due to exploits and fraud, we’ve actually stopped this program until further notice.

Oh, makes sense. Hopefully you guys can solve this soon. I made a video on youtube which by now has about 1000 views, I did it months ago, and I’ve never noticed how many people join the commmunity by looking at it. :slight_smile

Anyways, thank you for the reply.

hey Bur, when did you guys stop this? i wasnt aware of that being stopped. sadly it sucks when a few people abuse it big time and ruins it for all of us but it is what it is :frowning:

It was about a week and a half ago. It was very sudden and had to move quick as it was being abused rapidly. We hope to be able to revamp this feature at a later time, but unfortunately this does hit our bottom line as people don’t think it’s actually real money behind “Credits” that we as a company have to pay out. And it always does suck when something like this happens and it has to effect everyone :unamused:

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Once again, hopefully you’ll be able to solve it soon!

Thanks to my youtube video, I’ve invited 105 people already, and only rewarded for $10, and everyday I get at least 1 or 2 more people haha :blush:

Anyways, I’m happy gameflip is getting bigger and bigger.

“FRAUD” when you invite many people (63 for me) you get banned.

Well, I don’t think that’s right. I’m not breaking the rules. I have a video on YouTube which is probably the most visited one about Gameflip, I did it almost a year ago, and it’s like a guide about gameflip, how to start, and I added my referral code.

As today I have 108 instead of 103.

Hey Gameflip, has this been fixed yet? and is the limit still only 6 people total?

The current friend invite limit is 1 now. It was continually being exploited so we had to drop it down. We almost cut it out completely but felt we still want to give something back. We just can give out everything, Credits aren’t fake currency as it comes directly from us.

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Is not possible to at least implement the credit system again only to people who makes a their first purchase of $5 or more? At least $1 or $2, right?

Is it possible at the moment?

This is actually something that we are testing out now, having a minimum purchase price to be eligible. But this will be more so for promotions and not necessarily for invite incentives.

Oh well, hopefully you’ll be able to release something related to invites in the future :no_mouth:

I keep getting people into the app, hahaa :blush:

Anyways, as long as I’m able to buy steam cards as such low price, I’ll be happy. I’m looking forward to future promotions.

Thank you.