Do people still get $5 when using someone's invite code if said person reached their use limit?

So let’s say you got more than 10 people to use your code and you got your $50, does the 11th person (and everyone after them) still get their $5?

Hi @ZalexDuhBeast. If you reach the cap of 10 friends invited, for every new friend that you invite, you’ll get no credits but your friend will do.

The current payout is $2 for friend invite. The promotion of $5 is expired. See the quote from the promotion thread:

Oh, then it’s good that I got ten right before it expired haha.

One thing though, do I still get credits when my friends buy things if they weren’t one of the original 10 people?

Yes, you should! The rule is the same for any amount of invited friends.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

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you know… I’ve invited a couple friends myself, and ive seen them join, but I never got any credits :frowning: I kinda just accepted it as fate but it was kinda depressing to know I never got credit for inviting them. I dont know if they got credit or not.

how to verify your phone number guys??