Maximum wait time to be paid

I’ve shipped off a game to a customer over a week ago and he still hasn’t marked receieved. What is going to happen now? We need a maximum wait time before we can be automatically paid, it’s kind of ridiculous

Have you tried to contact the buyer to see if they have received the product?

We have no in-app method to contact a buyer currently unless I missed it, but I spent a while looking because I also had the same issue on a transaction.

The post office is pretty good confirming receipt of orders with tracking numbers though which is why we use them. The app lets us know when an item is delivered.

Well their is the comment section of the games, can you not access that when you go into the buying phase of the page?

No you can not… (inserted giberish due to 20 char minimum on posts).

Here’s a better scenario that I’m currently stuck in right now.

I am having a similar issue as a buyer who’s money is already paid but a seller never shipped the item. The FAQ states the same. Try contacting them but I’m pretty sure the forums are the only method of direct contact we have right now other than comments. Comments can not be accessed once a transaction has been initiated. Opening a listing mid transaction causes the app to jump right to the order tracking screen.

For buyers who don’t receive their item in a timely fashion the wait time is even worse. We’re asked to wait 3 days beyond the advertised shipping & handling time and then keep on waiting… This to me also seems even more ridiculous to put it politely. I can initiate a card refund in about 30 seconds. An EFT refund is a bit longer but 5 to 10 business days? Give me a break…

3 day handling time + 3 day grace period + 5 to 10 business days longer = 11 if you’re lucky, and 13 to 16 days on average. Add in a solid 4 weekend days and you’re at 20 days assuming there was no federal holiday…


This is a direct qoute from the FAQ :

Haven’t Received A Shipping Notification.

Gameflip automatically sends you both a notification to your mobile device and an alert within the app as soon as the Seller ships the item.

Please try your best to contact the Seller through the the app to get an update regarding the shipping status since this is the most efficient means of communications.

If the Seller does not ship your item within “#Handling Days” + 3 days, then you’ll be presented with the option to cancel in the order details screen.

I Cancelled My Transaction. Where’s My Refund?

All of our transactions go through Stripe. When you cancel your transaction, Stripe will submit the refund to your bank account immediately. You will then receive the funds from the refund in your account approximately 5–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated. (This is an aspect of how the banking system works.)

Note that refunds may appear in the form of a reversal. In the case of a reversal, the original payment will drop off of your customer’s bank statement, and a separate credit is not issued.


Sorry guys but I’ve been banking longer than some members have been gaming and this is NOT how the banking system works. I can send money via EFT (bank to bank) for free in under 24 hours if it’s less than $500 and I’m not talking about from the same bank, to the same bank; I mean to almost any bank in America.

A credit card refund is virtually instantaneous because I have processed those too…

Asking anyone to wait 6+ working days, then 5 to 10 business days+ in addition to weekends when Gameflip is acting as an escrow service is beyond excessive. That’s the same as saying hey, it could take up to 20 days or more if there’s federal holiday but we have you covered…

Any buyer with fraud protection can simply initiate a charge-back and Gameflip would have a whole new mess to deal with that could last 30 days or more.

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Hello @Whiteowl ! :smile:

There’s a couple scenarios here.

First off: did you ship the item with Gameflip Shipping? If not, did you ship the item with tracking?

If you shipped with any sort of tracking within or that was inputted into the app, then the item would automatically be marked as “Delivered”, prompting the the Buyer to rate you. IF the buyer does not rate you in 3 days (given that the app is tracking your package), then the app will issue an automatic “Good” rating.

If there was an automatic rating (and we just discovered this recently and have since updated the FAQ/Guidelines), you would have to revisit the Listing (simply tap on it) for the notification that the Buyer has rated you to show up. Then you can rate the Buyer and the transaction will be finalized.

If you shipped without tracking then, as stated in the Gameflip Guidelines, we can not guarantee that you will be covered in cases such as this. However, if you send us a ticket under Menu > Help > Contact Support with more information (like which listing you are referring too) we can try our best to investigate what has happened to the package and act accordingly.

Hi @Cts_GameFlip! All of this credit card schtuffsss is done directly through Stripe and we simply reiterated their policies in our FAQs. We say 5-10 business days because that is what Stripe has been saying. So far we have not had a problem with users requesting refunds and cancellations.

We are working on updating our FAQ with more updated information about this process as our app is being further optimized so ~ stay tuned ~

I used gameflips shipping option. Thing is, another item I sent was delivered and the buyer paid no problems and when I checked his tracking it’s the same as the one who hasn’t paid me yet; “shipping label has been created” so tracking isn’t being updated on these products for some reason but I know for sure it was delivered as it’s been over a full business week and it never takes that long in my personal experience.

OH NOO~ fortunately we just about finished a build of Gameflip that will have better tracking, so that problem will be fixed soon! Just gotta push it to the Play Store and App Store for them to review and update it.

But in the meantime, can you please send a ticket to Menu > Help > Contact Support with what listing you are referring to? We’ll be able to help you more through that!

An updated FAQ really doesn’t change the fact that the above math is still solid and as you said it’s how Gameflip’s processor stated they handle transactions. I do appreciate that Gameflip is working on it however but I am also quite familiar with stripe as a processor. Their fees are about on par with most merchants but they actually state on their home page that “Earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis” so not sure who came up with 5 to 10 business days but it wasn’t them…

I support the concept of Gameflip 100% and all beta’s have bugs but when it comes to money I don’t know many that like to mess around for very long before getting pretty upset.

We apologize for any confusion that this has brought up, as we are still working out all the logistics and making the necessary changes to our FAQ page to better reflect all the situations that we encounter. The 5-10 days that we state was directly pulled from Stripe’s FAQ page, which you can find here. This is referring to a transaction that has gone through, and the money has to be refunded. We ultimately have to update our FAQ to reflect theses difference processes. Because like you stated, if an order is cancelled, the money is returned almost immediately.

To refer to a few of your original points:

I am having a similar issue as a buyer who’s money is already paid but a seller never shipped the item. The FAQ states the same.

The buyer-seller messaging will be available in the next update to help with the communication! We’re just waiting on Apple to push it out. Also, if the Seller hasn’t shipped the item, you can cancel the transaction 3 Days after “The seller sends in” and the money will be sent straight back to you, like you said.

3 day handling time + 3 day grace period + 5 to 10 business days longer = 11 if you’re lucky, and 13 to 16 days on average. Add in a solid 4 weekend days and you’re at 20 days assuming there was no federal holiday…

In the case of a cancellation, this should only be 1-3 Handling Days + 3 Day Grace Period + 1-2 Days max. The money will also be returned in the following manner:

  • Credit will be charged back to your Credit Card
  • Cash will return to your Cash balance
  • Credit will return to your Credit balance

Their fees are about on par with most merchants but they actually state on their home page that “Earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis” so not sure who came up with 5 to 10 business days but it wasn’t them…

The other confusion with this is the withdrawal process and the amount of time it takes. As you can see here, the first time you use the Stripe service, it will take 7 days for a transfer to process. So the first withdrawal will be on a “Daily; 7-day rolling basis,” but then moved to a two-business-day schedule.

We appreciate your support! Hope this cleared the air a bit.

@Whiteowl Several of us have encountered the app not updating in real-time both for iOS & Android and discussed it outside the forums. I have had listings that still displayed the “Create Label” or “Ship Item” banner long after these steps had been completed.

The “Create Label” was especially funny to see while I was holding the label in my hand at the time. Even after a package had been scanned by the post office and was out for delivery the other day it displayed “Ship Item” for a while, but finally updated properly. Since the app almost assuredly gets this info from a back-end API and is not generated by the app itself, it’s hard guess which of the 2 is the likely culprit for the latency without having the source code.

Closing the app and reopening it did not cause the app to update along with several other methods including a few developer tricks like uninstalling and reinstalling it forcing the app to clear it’s cache. It’s good to hear this is being being worked on. In either case the app did eventually display the correct banner but your report of a duplicate tracking number is the first report I have heard so far of that kind of issue. If the duplicate tracking numbers were on the labels and not just in the app, the USPS will reject the duplicate label and typically (but not always) return a package for insufficient postage.

Good luck with everything and I hope your problem is handled quickly. I suggest checking the labels you were e-mailed and comparing them for accuracy because the app (as stated above) has a few known bugs when it comes to displaying the correct information about shipment status.

You’re not alone, and I wish you the best in getting the issue resolved. Hopefully the staff will be able to assist you further once you open a support case. I also suggest that when in doubt always save screenshots, it can really help a developer when trying to fix a bug if they can recreate it so they can pinpoint exactly what causes it. If you tell me your device I can assist you in the method you’ll have to use to screenshot if you’re not familiar with the process.

Still one of my favorite minor bugs is when you return a rating for a buyer. The app asks you to rate the seller… Welcome to beta!

:hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


The “your account” that Stripe’s FAQ is referencing is GameFlip’s bank account not a member’s bank account. A merchant’s transfer schedule has nothing to do with a merchants ability to process a refund from their own business checking account. Gameflip as a business is eligible for 2 day rollovers into their checking account and that is a whole different deal. I’m going to let it go because something is being lost in translation here and I know it’s not your fault. I’m also sorry if I shot the messenger on this one and derailed the thread. I do honestly appreciate your efforts to clear things up.

On a brighter note I wanted to congratulate the Gameflip staff on the super fast update rollouts. In that department I have to applaud each and every one of your team because releasing weekly updates with sweeping changes are not easy at all and you guys are real rock-stars for building Gameflip from the ground up.

:sunglasses: :thumbsup:

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