Sellers spam listing

Hi all. I really ask moderators to look and to analyze actions from these group of sellers:

They spams game listing all time. It seems they have a war between themselves and every of them try to list more than others. In result we have am image of garbage listing. They sells non instant game keys and other non instant keys. I am as buyer cant to find inetersting things for myself and other people too. Why these sellers continues to do their activity without any solidarity and understanding?
I very ask moderators to take proper actions against these sellers.


@DarkKnight @MajorTom

yes this guys just spamming and dropshing

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Just to contribute re. Insane:

The buyer get revenge with this order for other orders, beware with this guy

They decided to leave that as a review after I left them a neutral review since they decided to send me one code and then cancel every other transaction with them (I was trying to get the CoD series for Steam), and then they blocked me. So out of 8 orders placed with them, only one went through successfully. Not to mention they hold the first however many pages of search when you search for Call of Duty on Steam…

Well, pretty sure on one of the threads the mods say these sellers aren’t doing anything wrong, which is one of the reasons why i’ve moved my primary platform to other sites.

The constant spamming of non-instant delivered codes already proves they don’t own the game, not to mention other grey markets are selling it cheaper than them, thus most likely their codes come from other grey market as well.