Bug and helping new users!

Hey guys!

Gonna talk about a really annoying bug and help some new users on how to search efficiently.

  1. BUG - When you try to search for example “Key 10x” on Rocket League for PS4 you will only find KEYS but if you do that on Rocket League for STEAM it will find CRATES too. I don’t know why this happens on STEAM but its pretty annoying. Could you guys fix it and let it just like the PS4 section?

For those having this trouble with ROCKET LEAGUE STEAM just click in TYPE and select KEYS. Now its going to show you ONLY KEYS instead of CRATES.

  1. Helping new users - Hey guys! I see that some people try to get the best deals just by clicking “In Game Items - Plataform”. By doing this you will only see the newest posts and not the cheapest posts! To search for the cheapest you need to do this: write the exactly name of the item you are looking for and then click SEARCH. After that you will see the word “SORT” on the top right of the page just above the items you searched. Click “SORT - LOWEST PRICE”. There you go! Now you have the lowest price for that item. Its a little bit different for App users but you can sort by lowest price too.

English is not my first language but i did what i could xD

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Can you share some screenshots of this bug? I can look into this further and see if this is indeed a bug.

Thank you.

Ps4 Section - Finds ONLY keys.

Steam Section - Finds anything that has “40x”.

When i try to search for example “20xx” in Steam Section it finds some non crates very rares.

Ps4 Section it only finds 20xx.