Nonstop Spamming The Same Items

This guy has been spamming the same listings for more than a hour.I have reported him many times but i don’t think the reporting system of gameflip actually works.Please take care of spammers and do something deterrent instead of warning them.

Here are the proofs: (I can embed only 1 picture but the rest can be found with the link.)
Imgur Link

Finally someone open post about that guy. I appreciate sir. I send a message to Dunn about that situation too. I hope they will do something this time in short time.

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… wrong

Yeah this guy bumping his posts every 10 min. @DunnBiscuit


Yes this guy is spamming every minutes i think it’s a bot

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This is so annoying. This guy bumping his posts every 30 min.

@DunnBiscuit Can you check this account too ? I am pretty sure that akaa is banned before because of spamming.

Spammer 1: He is relisting his posts and deletes the old posts

Spammer 2: This guy bumping 10 posts every 30 min.

Spammer 3: This guy bumping 20 posts every 40 min.

Spammer 4: This guy bumping 100 posts every 8 hours. ( And he deleting the old posts)

Spammer 5: This guy bumping 14 posts every 1 hour.

#About_Fluffy Kakarotto Store
i’m reposting items that i don’t have multiple of them every 24 hours which will be considered as a bump u clown… like @DunnBiscuit said its allowed to do that

Just a proof that im not reposting 100 items every 8 hours… here’s repost proof of the items that i don’t have them multiple or in big quantity… i only do it in 24 hours interval which is allowed.

I’m only reposting items that i have them iin quantity twice a day, as @DunnBiscuit said u can reflect thoes items by reposting if u have them in quantity… which is what everyone is doing , also another seller aswell said that the admin allow this.

But let’s we talk about you shall we ? :confused:
you are selling 94,93,92… ect very rares non crate thinking you are smart enough to not get a suspension and that wouldn’t be considered as a spam.? there’s barely a 50 cents difference between them, which means you just trying to avoid doing 90x bundles 2 or 3 times to look clean, get real !
This is an abvious spam ! changing the bundle quantity by just minus one very rare or by plus one single very rare .

Btw: u forgot one of your friends to report, if you are doing this about everyone, don’t forget to mention ur friend aswell here

If you were right you shouldn’t be get warning am i wrong ? Like the moderator said ‘’ If he is taking down his listings to list again, it is forbbiden.‘’ thats what you doing. And you can only list same item once day which you doing it more than once a day.

I got a warning a while ago when i used to repost keys and crates every 30 minutes or so… thats i know is tottaly forbidden, anyways i think after seeing this statement i’m going to relist all my items only every 24 hours to count it as a bump. which is allowed, until then i’ll wait for the admin to give another clear statement.
anyways im just curious why you didn’t report the guy that you joined in his comments yesterday to call me jealous fluffy, is that your second account or what ?

But let’s include everyone shall we ? u are one of them ofc but you doing it in a smart way to not get caught! as i mentioned that above :slight_smile: but whatever

Samcro Spaming keys every 1>4hours hours or so

Yeah this guy is a serious spammer too but i am not sure about the others mentioned above though.

Mc Butch : taking down his previous listings to list again every few hours
God gotta love doing this.

EDIT : Another relist after 1 hour

More delete and relist about this seller:


Guys,please calm down. @DunnBiscuit will make a statement tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no forum support for the weekend.Everyone should be patient and wait for the answer. :slight_smile:

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@DunnBiscuit so for example, if I have 9 of the same items (in this case 9 storm watch) I can repost this item 9 times within a 24 hour time frame without it counting as “spam”?

Pretty funny that @falm is complaining abt spammers when he is one of the most spammers on gameflip lol. kakarotto, your right man.

Report me if you think that i am breaking the Tos :slight_smile:

@Domo yeah bro… he actually were the legendary spammer on gameflip back in the days plus undercutting others sellers so hard, prob got suspended before, and now he’s acting like a criminal who got out of jail recently to be a snitch lol…
alltho what he’s doing now is a spam too as i mentioned above… gameflip should consider taking a clear look at what he’s doing exactly… smart fella