Seller Spamming Posts(same item over&over)

This seller spam similar items/bundle every second/minute, i report him like 4 times he continue to spam it. If this is legal i want to know because i can spam as much as i can every day.

From the first post to last post it was only 5 hours different between the posts same item over and over and its like 500+ posts.

Again if this is legal i want to know that so i can post same items over and over and over and over every second or minute.

message to @MajorTom

This picture is my ticket solved.

And this is the link that i write on ticket, as you can see he already delete and its like 7 hours after i reported him so that’s not allow to delete it and re-list it.
If this isn’t a proof i am stop reporting.

@TinkodePS, man, i had same problem, just message to Tom

i message him 3 times

You will have to wait for a reply. They can check his account so no need to put all the links inside , just a few as example. Next time, just DM MajorTom about it Once will do.

Just a reminder. Do not follow someone who is breaking rules just because they have not been suspended yet for breaking rules (Example - Selling Accounts. Am Not talking about this Topic. In General.) Always confirm it with Support first.

Hi , Flexshop here,
Sorry to hear you’re having problems with my posting. I am reposting my listings every 24 hours, nothing wrong with that, posting limits is (your limit, 2500 or 5k) per 24 hours, Of course no one has 2500 different listings. Further, if you check the gameflip fortnite section, unless you post frequently, your posts will be buried, that is how it is, I don’t know why you decided to make this post as it is false and I could come at you the same way you’re coming at me. The first post below is mine, the second one is yours. Look at how my posts are almost all different, except for 3 bundles which I post frequently because I SELL them frequently.

bro your the worst lair in the world, where is the spam that you just did past 3 days i want to see it again
you don’t have to be interested in why I don’t post often and you don’t have to care why my posts burned out
care about yourself and stop spamming like a rude boy and your photo with my lists you can get from the profile and i get your list by search gas trap you dumb try next time not to challenge with stupid things, next time when you try to spam it i will make a video.

The photo is from 1 day ago

Yes correct, if you use proper search and filtering parameters you will see my posts. Thats how a search bar works. Learn how to organize your api tags.

Bro you need to learn to admit you spammed and stop trying to find a stupid excuse
I search by normal i will show you right away on the photo

look at this photo is same search but different lists and it is because you stop spamming like a rude boy i don’t care how much you post per day you can post 1000 per day but not in 2 minutes i repeat PER DAY not per minutes

Hello @FlexShop,

I have reviewed and can see that you are posting the same listing quicker than our set rules.

Gameflip apply that you can post one of each quantity every 24 hours, which you are not following.

You must stick to these rules, thanks.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

Hello everyone,

@TinkodePS Whenever you DM a mod, wait for 1 to 3 business days to receive a response. I am checking all the reported cases.

@FlexShop You need to control the number of repeated listings, as this will be considered spam. Remove some of these listings (leave one or two of each item) so that we can make this market a fair place for everyone.

@Aeralo Thanks for responding to this topic, but be careful with your replies, as some people may think that you are a moderator, which is not true. Moderator impersonation will result in actions being taken against your account.