As a seller, I need clarification on what is counted for as "spamming" on Gameflip

I woke up to an email saying that I was reported for spamming comments/listings. For 1, I don’t delete & re-list my posts. 2nd, I manually re-list the my same items (each post is different) every 35 min to an hour (which to me, that time frame does not define “spamming”). 3rd, under Gameflip’s “How to sell” link which is located at the bottom of their homepage, it clearly states, “You can edit and re-list your item any time to increase your chance on a sale.”
So I am very confused as to why I have been given a warning for spamming comments/listings when I don’t see what I’m doing wrong. Some clarification on what specifically I did wrong & some clarification on what defines “spamming” as a Gameflip seller would be much appreciated!
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nobody is giving a clear statement about this sadly…

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Greetings. This falls under the community guidelines (interfere with a seller’s business or shop) and it has been stated that a reposting of an item prior to a 24h period is considered spam.
You can read more about it over on the dozens of posts that have been created on the past weeks with complaints about spam posting.

Where can I find/read this? Can u send me a link?

Yah, it’s pretty hypocritical how they give advice on how we can re-list as many times as we want yet supposedly we can only post an item every 24 hours … Literally makes no sense

@DunnBiscuit we need a clear statement about this.

I just read that supposedly admins don’t work during the weekends so if anything, we’d have to wait until tomorrow to hear back from any admin, if they choose to look into & respond to this matter

Since @DunnBiscuit seems to be busy can you give an official statement on his behalf @DarkKnight ?

Hey, Tee-Toh!

For a listing bump, a period of 24 hours is needed, so that it does not count as spam and also gives everyone a chance to sell their products fairly.

We are handing out warnings to everyone that is relisting under 24h, so we can have a clean and fair marketplace with the comprehension of everyone.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thank you & I do appreciate the fast response though! :slight_smile:

I’m still confused & would like it if you could please address/explain this statement I made? You guys give contradicting advice to sellers. Or is re-listing different from re-posting aka bumping?

Well, actually no. The advice we give is correct.

If you read it again and see the word “item”, it clearly means one item, as it is not in the plural form. Various items would be “items”.

So you are allowed to relist that one specific item. Various items are not allowed under a 24h time frame.

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It’s just hard to understand due to the wording but I won’t argue when you’ve answered the main issue. So 24 hour bumps it is. Thank you again.
One last question … If I have multiple of the same items, for example, 11 intrudiums (as seen in my inventory in my screenshot) can I list that same item 11 times in a 24 hour time period without it counting as “spamming”?

You can relist one of them in less than 24h.

If you would like to relist all of them, wait the 24h time frame just to be safe.

God speed!

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Could you help us about that topic ? @DarkKnight

Sure :wink: No problem!

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You guys will lose big sellers due to this. So might want to make a change hopefully. Just being honest!

No, they won’t “lose big sellers”. :wink:

They will :wink:

Well, we will lose sellers and buyers, because of spamming.

So if every seller uses their common sense and relists their products every 24h, we will have a cleaner market place and a better user experience for everyone.

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