Spamming post warning

I just want to know exactly what is spamming. As I know that is possible to repost each post, and more when are different things you can post and with a reasonable time between each post (doing each post manually) must be good enough for not being a spamming thing. I will like to know exactly if I could post as many as I want in my account when things are different in a different with each post of like 5-10min and maybe be like that for 1 hour then posting again in like 3-4 hours from then. Thanks

Hello @Duque1!

If you would like to relist your items, a period of 24 hours is needed so that it does not count as spam and also gives everyone a chance to sell their products fairly.

This is the rule that we usually advise regarding spamming and we are always trying to find soultions on the backend to try and reduce spamming in the marketplace.

Godspeed! :trident:

So if the lists are different that wouldn’t be spamming correct?

And what happens if someone buys all? And if another sellers does the same?

For example this seller has make the same post twice in less than an hour that will be consider spamming?

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