Is this considered "spamming"?

So if I list the same item BUT in different quantities, wouldn’t it make each post unique, thus not spamming? Or does this still count as spamming? Sorry for ■■■■ quality pics/attachments

@DarkKnight ok, this is for sure my last & final question lol Sorry for the constant nagging. Just want a couple clear answers since Im on a warning & dont wanna slip up

I have loads amount of this item as well. So I cant get attacked for listing quantities I dont have when I have 3500+ of this particular item

I have the same cuestion. I have around 1.000 ferocitys, am i able to post 10 to 100 more than one time in the same 24hs or i must wait 24hs for reposting? Hope you could answer

In my opinion you are all just looking for excuses to go around the rules and keep spamming. Maybe a simple post stating you can sell any number of crates for X amount of $ per crate would be sufficient. No one wants to scroll through your 1000 listings of crates that have 1 less crate than before in it so therefore different. Thats just trying to bend the rules

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That literally makes no sense. Say I post 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x & 50x of an item. Then a customer asks if he can get 27x of that item & so I make a new 27x post for the customer. So according to your opinion, I would get reported for creating a 27x post because it hadnt been 24 hours from posting the 10x, 20x, & so on.

Each different quantity post is unique & therefore I don’t think it should be labeled spam but just to make sure I’m asking admin

There is an option that you can make the post private. You can create as many private posts as you see fit and direct the buyer to your homepage. Pretty simplistic dont ya think!

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