Spam allowed or ?

Just wondering if we all can do same as him(as example)

etc , you can see it all by your eyes in fortnite section( if he dont delete old post and dont repost new like always ), so is allowed or no? because if is allowed , why we worry about posting , and don`t do spam posts like this guy . If is not allowed by site rules , why is going on already more then week? can some one explain it please @MajorTom

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Who cares?-no one) He spam each day and is totally don`t care him, because of this, other sellers also have to spam or 0 sales, so just do same if you want sell something

btw i have 6000+ rep , so is give me more reason to spam? :rofl: i think not ) but with spammers like he there is only one way to sell something

but small stores can’t spam with new listing limits that is the problem so if ur new its will along way before u can make face them

i think is wrong , i have limit 5000+ listings , or how many have 6k rep? nvm , you can imagine what happened if i start spam 2 positions as example (sure i dont do it)? but i dont see any punishments for it and some guys use it ,and spam like crazy with this api, and all who have big limit - need to do same or how i say early - 0 sales ,and no chance for new sellers ( i usually post each one hour , but when spammers online i need do it each 2 minutes )

yeh i got u mate as im att 500 limit but for me its fine as the problem is if just one big store spams its trigger the rest as its selling war who don’t do it will not make money simple, but for small seller with 5 listing limit he will rarely got his stuff sold, as i do believe they should added limit to how much u post a day witch will make people careful ABOUT WHEN TO POST

these 2 guys are fighting in their comments the whole day about bumping their posts , they take it as a war as you see in their posting they post together all the day , everyone in fortnite items community know that
the only way to sell your items is by posting 7 listings each hour
the image in this topic took after both of them went offline and only my post from the whole day left there to be on the page
here my screenshot now all sellers are online and posting you can see clearly who is spamming
they are just fighting not selling and this is destroying the market

I ask moderators in gameflip to find a solution with this kind of sellers and stop them
I have a really nice friendship with all sellers on gameflip and we always trade together , but these 2 stand out of the community with their issues and fights

I hope this is can be solved soon and stop both of them of doing this
1- Tapo4ku4D - ONLINE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
2- :small_orange_diamond:DiR’EX​:small_orange_diamond: ONLINE :small_orange_diamond:

much love and respect to everyone in gameflip community

wow ahah why you lie now? Now i hope admins will check logs of posted and turned off listings and we will see what happened rip =) i can`t imagine why you so smart, because you turn off all your 2k listings(you forget how you post 50 listings per minute each 15 minutes today and each day?) to make this screens and try to get rid of competitors xD
I always post each hour 8 posts - 5k 10k 15k 20k 25k 30k 40k 50k direx doing same each hours 30 minutes after me , but you make it each 10-15 minutes non stop with api making tons of posts to rebump our xDDD

at this morning :fire:Sedfire123 :fire: :exclamation:SLEEPING​:exclamation: start spam 3 listings each minute, so im and direx start post one per 2-3 minute(just imagine we dont have api and all by hands) to get some sales
then you come in online and start post 50 posts at once xD then you turn all off and make screens , Good job xD p.s you know , i post faster then each hour only when you start your spaming with api
so at the end we have - your lie about all ,from spam to fighting in comments lel , you will see power of log files on server if admins check it)
check please logs and look please how many posts he makes and how cool he turn off 10 pages of his spam listings to make this screens ) each his online day same situations , Fortnite Sunbeam and Brightcore Sections

yes please guys check logs for all 3 accounts , to see the spam war between these 2 guys , they are making the market worst and worst everyday , no one can post on first page and they act like they own the market
now after my comment they started to calm down maybe he’s afraid or something
but i’m sure you can check the logs to see how bad he used to spam the way it forced us to keep bumping a lil bit more just to get our post to the first page
waiting your response to such immature behaviours which destroy the market and make it hard to other sellers to use it


you said “much love and respect to everyone in gameflip community” but each your word is lie :smiley: how is this?) you want to say is not you biggest spammer in this section?) and not you turn off all listings to make this fake post for try to get rid of competitors ?) and not you post 50 listings at once after each my posts or direx or anyone else to get first page ?) and not you stop spam now after your post?) so smart, no worry not stupid people work here and your lie is very easy to verify)
P.S when you dont spam with api non stop i dont post more then 200 post per 17 hours )

you ignore the main issue that you spam war with that guy and complain about my love and respect to people here ?
I will ignore the immature way of your speaking and accuse people for lying , while all of what you said are lies
I wait the moderators to deal with you as they can check your spam war between you and the other guy DiR’EX​

@Tapo4ku4D man u really don’t have to fight with him as gameflip will not bann anyone for posting, the spam fix was like the limit of posts to accounts but i guess as that have only limited small stores they may find new ways and add them but they mostly will not bann people for posting as if they do there is massive stores in every section fighting with each other bc the more u spamm the more u sell,as ever store fighting to take over the first page best fix can be daily post limit.

image image image
So there is a question , you sure about our war and our spam? image image

I completely agree, but i don`t fight with anyone , is he say about some imagine fighting when direx but is my friend and my rep says about very good sales )

@Tapo4ku4D this is just people thinking they can take the competition out by saying there spammers thinking there smart as with most big store spam other store have to follow or they will make no sells, even i do have war with store who did copy my idea we don’t have spam war its more of price war, as everyone here have competition unless gameflip tries to step in but i really don’t think its matter as with there last fix they made people with new store have no change to sell so i guess there fine with this

I don’t forget your fake posts when you make a lot of them for the lowest price and you can’t sell them you just cancel them , as my friends tried to buy from at that time to check if they are real and you cancel them all , we all know that all these 0.75$ post were fake and you done them because of your fight with DiR’EX​

but at the end i’m happy I found this post and sent the truth , now after my comment you became a nice guy and stopped the spam , I think you are afraid that’s why you start being nice in gameflip and stopped the spam war

also the screenshots you sent now are a clear proof that you plan spam posts after my post you and this guy to take them off the first page
good job , you gave us really important information from your private conversation , think your smart friend DiR’EX​ wont like this move :wink:

this fake posts? again you lie ( ahah

i happy thats you write there and we all see how you lie and lie about fake posts, about some kinds of war with direx , about my spam ,about your not spam xDDD looks so sweet when you try to say something and i have proofs about your lie )
p.s now after this thread you became a nice guy and stopped the spam

if you know english you can read text on screenshots and understand about what all this messages) like “i don`t like this spam , i like post each one hour but this raaaayyy” etc xD no need be a fool )

you are so smart to post more proofs that you destroy the market , I like that you give me every single thing I ask for , starting from discord private conversation where you plan spam with your friend and now spam destroying sales
I will get to you back when I need more things from you
smart and good guy ! xD

all ok with you?) what are you telling about?) you totally dont read anything) on screens proofs about your non stop spam "ray world - hate everyone only i can make posts and be on first page" , no plans idk maybe you dont know english ) at first direx my war , then plan to spam omg , each 5 mins new versions of lie xD
and i dont destroy sellings ) is my money , just one day giveaway , people love me for it , each month giveaway with cheap prices, but is fake and i cancel it all, or is not fake im confused , you said is fake listings to destroy market and i cancel it all but no hmm again you liar ?)XD