New spamming ToS

can someone please explain exactly what the new terms are regarding spamming with api? I have lost alot of business due to trying to follow the rules, while other sellers are posting every 3 seconds on a nonstop cycle.


Please, just check the fortnite market one time and you’ll see what im talking about. I want to follow the rules and avoid suspension but its unfair for me to lose business because others aren’t willing to follow suit

I’ve talked with bruno about this and have concluded we are no longer allowed to post multiple listings more than 3 times per day unless they sell. If yall were to check the market you can clearly see this rule is not being followed.

In the spirit of honesty im not following the rule either ONLY BECAUSE i would literally make MAYBE 10% my normal profit with the way others are posting. Ive cut my postings from 20sec breaks to 120sec breaks, until this rule is enforced across the board i hope that is acceptable

@MajorTom I understand you have asked me in the past to pm you directly about spamming. I think it would be beneficial for this information to be where all the sellers can see it. Most of us check the forums, changes to terms of service should be visible, maybe even pinned, so we know to adjust. I only know what I know because friends have received warnings. Please dont close this one, reply and lock if you must but I really need some help here im trying to play fair

Edit: I never intended for this to become an argument or an outlet for people to report others. I would have preferred no one comment at all but here we are…


This guy makes 36 posts a minute after the warning. Just adding a random item to the listings every since the most recent warning. I guess they prefer the whole page to be spammed with random amounts instead of someone posting the same amount a few hours apart that people would actually want to buy and look for. Because the same listing twice in 24 hours is worse “spam” then someone making 36 posts a minute all day with api abuse just because they are “unique”.


This guy is now just spamming way harder with random amounts too just like the previous guy linked. This warning made the spam 100 times worse. This is just crazy and the rocket league xbox section is completely unusable now with just these 2 guys alone spamming ruining it


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i want a response to about the rules im selling nothing right now

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PLEASE no one complain about spam or use this as an outlet to report sellers. Thats what tickets are for. Im only interested in information

This guy repeating his posts all day and listing too fast, he’s posts covers everything else.

@M_Jandali they are starting to take action, warnings are being handed out. Thank you for voicing your opinion, but again I didnt intend for this to be an outlet for reporting or complaints. Just looking for information

Why are you still so persistent on reporting me, I’ve done nothing wrong. I post every 60-120 minutes, and only delete listings after 24 hours have been up or they’ve been sold. I’m selling nothing right now either, Buckshop is the only seller spamming right now. I changed my apis 3-4 days ago because I got warned.

Like, do you see this? Or are you so persistent on Flexshop and Dronez, we both use delays. Just because you are selling nothing, no reason to target us who are following the rules and changed their apis.
I understand your frustration but you’re not the only one, I see the same thing in the fortnite section all day, and it makes it that much harder for other sellers to get noticed when @#@#@ is spamming the SAME item 24/7.

Again this is not intended to report anyone. Im simply looking for clarification on the rules

@Love_Shah please remove your screenshots and direct them to support. Major tom is going to close the topic if this just turns into a huge complaint war

Just because you delete your screenshots reporting me and Dronez doesnt make them dissapear.

they will disappear in about 8 hours. I lost focus for a moment and deleted them. None of the mods will get to this until tomorrow theyll be gone before then

I havent reported anyone at all. None of us are breaking any posted rules, but we’re still receiving warnings. Im just looking for information so we can all follow the rules

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Ok. But seriously Maddie, I understand why before you had a problem with my listings, as they weren’t being fair, but I have changed them for almost 4 days now after I received my warning, I only post listings 2-3 max every 24 hours, feel free to go to my profile to check. The browse page is organized the way the time of the day is. If it is early in the morning. Then no one is still selling usually, but me personally I sleep 4 hours, so im still posting every 60-120 minutes in the early morning, and no one is awake, thats why the browse page may be cluttered around that time with my posts. But I’m still following the max 2-3 listings of each post being posted 24 hours. I have over 1,000 .Js files.

I’m not worried about your posting delays or how much you post. I want to know exactly what rules we are being expected to follow. After that we can worry about who’s not following suit

Clearly you are worried, because a substantial amount of your posts on the gameflip forums have been directed at me, even 2 on this post alone, but yes I also want something to be done.

You’ve been incredibly reasonable. I have never reported you officially. Theres never been a time you and I weren’t able to come to an agreement. This post was not meant to target you, and you wouldn’t have even come up to the mods if you didn’t say anything at all

You can’t just simply delete a post targeting a user and expect the user to not defend themselves once they see the deleted post.

But okay, thank you. Hope this post works out.

Hello @VoxyRL,

As @Maddie_Davis said, this is not a topic for asking other sellers to stop spamming.

The reason nothing is being done is because I do not see people reporting them or opening any tickets with Gameflip Support.

@DarkKnight and @MajorTom are working very hard when they can to help sellers and buyers, and @Sparkling_Juice always is giving you information and the best way to handle something.

Remember that there is a whole Gameflip Support team that is there for this type of thing.

It is easier to open a ticket with Support at, or personal message a moderator since they are all very busy, and sending them a direct notification could make it quicker.