Question about listing items

Hi there its better to be safe than sorry, so derfor i ask here is it allowed to list for sales for exampel 3 crimson octanes if i have 3 in inventory of it? someone came to me and said i couldnt post out 3 of the same item, but everyone does it. And from my experience it sells better when it looks alittle more massive… Anyone knows for sure? I never repost my listings unless i change price on it. Thanks

Yes you can have all 3 on sale.

thanks man appreciate the answer :slight_smile: are there any limit? reason i ask is that i have like 9 tw yamane :slight_smile: and i get good overview if i can put out all of each :=) i never respawn them unless i must change price due to price drop

Yes that’s fine. There are no limits for number of listings per user. If you have large quantities of items you can use gameflip api to list them faster.

wow thanks man, gonna check out api :wink: youre the best :slight_smile:

Yes you can list them but not at same time. You have to wait 24 hours between same posts. Check this topic.

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