Re-posting of listings

Is gameflip going to do anything about seller’s re-posting their listings to stay on top of the front page ?

Gameflip should encourage healthy competition,not re-list all of your listings every damn 10 minutes(Getting sick of seeing this in the giftcard section/ in the ingame items).

There should be consequences for sellers who spam their listings every minute…maybe a cooldown of some sort or the inability to post listings for a couple of days.

I only repost listings when a day or two passed and i only re-post if i changed the price of item or i just keep it as it is

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You can repost once per 24h. If someone is doing every 5min - report.

Gameflip dont want to fix this issue i out for 2 months noone want to stop that lenny guy on xbox rl store

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actually, there’s a lot of people don’t like the sellers who spamming listing but Gameflip send to them a warn if they still so they will be banned as soon as possible.

Hey LAad0982!

We have a new listing system that is going to relieve this type of issue in the marketplace :wink:

Our team is working ASAP to get the article up on the new listing system.

As soon as we release the article, the link will be posted here for everyone to verify.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

God Speed! :trident: