As a seller, I need clarification on what is counted for as "spamming" on Gameflip

I think it would be better if 2 bumps at least allowed during the 24 hours … that would be good enough… but 1 bump each 24 hours is kinda not cool at all for such a marketplace… there’s too many sellers nowdays… 1 bump each 24 hours will cause sellers to start price undercutting with each others , and it’s happening already

You will not lose buyers due to that. & yes sellers but the ones not selling anything. If you limit to 1 listing per 24/hr then there is no point in using gameflip as a big seller due to other sources.

Ty for the help in clarifying! I understand the control of limiting to restrict spamming, but need to find a better way. No sense in getting suspended because someone is salty about not selling. That’s business…

Well, we receive reports everyday of buyers and sellers complaining of spammers, so yes, we will lose buyers if this continues.

Also, there are sellers relisting their products every 30 min and that is not allowed. All we are asking is to relist products every 24h. So when a listing passes 24h, it is allowed to relist. Under a period of 24h, only one listing is allowed. Please be aware to the plural form of the words. You guys are getting confused for not paying attention.

:trident: New forum moderators!

I completly understand ! the spam every few minutes or few hours is totally unfair to the buyer or the seller and that harm the marketplace of course!!! but 1 Bump during the period of 24 hours is also unfair to sellers! all we asking is at least 2-3 bumps during 24 hours period and that’s it! that would be extremly helpfull and satasfiy the sellers… maybe u can consider my appeal! thanks

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i kinda disagree on this w/ kakarotto. @kakarotto01 yeah, posting 1 time every 24hs is kinda hard to sell, but lets say that all of us are allowed to post 2-3 times per day, then (for example) imagine Fresh… that guy per 1 bump per 24hs posts like 500 items. So imagine seeing 500 items x3 times per day ONLY from that guy is a loooooooot of spamm already. Plus the other big sellers would be the same spamm as now…no sense to allow posting x3 times. You need to see all in a big picture

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You will not lose buyers as the reason people come to gameflip is because it’s cheap. That gives you guys your advantage. Also you guys have a nice safety policy. If someone can get something $10-$5 cheaper on here than other sites than they will come here.

But if sellers are losing business due to not being the “most recent” than there is no since in using gameflip as a seller. We could just use other sites including paypal…
I’ve used gameflip for about 2 years everyone spams all over different sites, being suspended, or banned because of that will force sellers away. Just keep out opinions in mind plz & ty!

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