Am I really spamming?

Hi, i got a warning like this by Gameflip,

“Warning: Your activity violates of our Terms of Service: We have received reports of listing spamming left by your account on the Gameflip marketplace. You are only allowed to relist your items with a 24h interval. Further violations could result in the suspension of your account… Please make corrective action to avoid suspension.”

I really, really couldn’t believe it, I only list my items once a day, is someone reporting me on purpose? My only goal is to sell fairly and the sales I’ve made and my profile prove it.

When I check the Gameflip market, I can show dozens of people spamming, but I can’t understand why I got such a warning, someone is trying to take me away from Gameflip, can anyone help?


Normal users like me can’t check or know so you will have to wait for a Gameflip Mod or Support.

You can make a ticket to Support to ask about it and give the ticket ID here.
You will have to provide profile code here. They will probably reply you when their on forums.
@DarkKnight @MajorTom

You can report those who you think are breaking any Gameflip rules by making a ticket to support.

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Okay i’ll wait, my profile code is HH9KPE

Yes i might have done something wrong, I want to know where I went wrong, because I don’t want to make this mistake again, I check what I did but I can’t see anything wrong, please tell me where I went wrong, thank you again.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight


Sorry for the wait.

I will verify your account and see what happened ok.

God Speed! :trident:

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