2nd account warning!?!?

I have got a 2nd account warning but since my 1st warning, Ive been following the TOS & have been bumping my items every 24 hours so i dont know why Ive been reported for spam comments/listings again … Can an admin look into my profile & see what the issue is?
Profile code: 6EWUAA

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Same here… probably because of the reports they got here they wanted to warn all of us again…
@DarkKnight @MajorTom any explanation ?

After a 1st warning, u get suspended so I’m really confused what the 2nd warning is for … Plus I’ve been following the TOS when it comes to re-listing so I’m just like … ok?

yeah bro i get ur point, same here! been following the tos since the first warning… this makes no sense tbh

Happening to me aswell I don’t understand why

Hey guys!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

The reason two warnings were sent is because the first one did not have the 24h rule we are applying to reduce listing spamming on the Gameflip marketplace.

So you are allowed to relist one item in less than 24h. If you would like to relist various items, you have to wait a 24h interval.

God speed!

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