How do you go about getting solid evidence to report someone who's deleting & re-listings the same items multiple times throughout each day?

Idk how this guy hasn’t been banned yet if everyone’s reporting him. He stopped spamming his post every 30 min but now he’s deleting & re-listing his posts every couple of hours throughout each day … Totally unfair & forbidden
His profile:

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I agree this guy should have been banned long ago. Love how now he manipulates by using the system rules to his favor. Lenny Payne is another cancer that needs to be taken care of.

It’s not manipulating. Deleting & re-listing is “forbidden” according to @DunnBiscuit … It should result in consequences but idk how to get valid evidence to showcase this

Hey Tee-Toh!

I understand your point and agree, so I just sent out a 24h listing warning to this user.

So for now, we are handing out warnings to everyone that is relisting under 24h, so we can have a clean and fair marketplace with the comprehension of everyone. Let’s see if he understands the rules now.

Also, if you suspect someone is relisting under the 24h period, please let us know and we will verify for you. If you would like to help us out, send a screenshot of one page of the same item listed, so we could see the amount. That is good enough evidence.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

You guys looking to hire? lol There’s so many people who need to be warned plus you gotta take into account the single sellers who have multiple accounts each … what a burden but I want a fair marketplace as well so I’ll keep a look out

Hey Tee-Toh,

We work very hard to verify the marketplace, reach out to everyone in need of a hand and to warn users regarding forbidden items/services and spamming :wink:

There are also countless users that already have been warned and don’t take into account the users being affected by their actions. Every day we are sending out warnings, but the users have to give us feedback, either way, so we know if the warnings are taking effect and if more warnings need to be sent out in the case of spamming.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

For the most part many of the spamming every 30 min has stopped. So on the Xbox Rocket League section things have cooled down a bit & not too many people are spamming now. But now, as a loophole, sellers are deleting & re-listing their items in hopes of not being caught I’m assuming. & so the marketplace is picking back up on the spam. That’s why I asked how to get solid evidence for this “loophole” of theirs.

I know you guys have a lot of work on your plates’ so I appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

The guy is still spamming even after your warning … This user & others just won’t stop no matter what & it’s annoying.


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