Nonstop Spamming The Same Items

Every single person using bots to list their items should be warned and bot use should be forbidden. These sellers are taking advantage of posting rules and are honestly killing this site and any future sellers and buyers interest. If something isnt done with all these people I cant see this place lasting too much longer. On Xbox one seller is so out of control he has made it almost every other listing is his. Kangaroo, formerly known as BKingjion who was suspended. If the rules are not changed to combat this kind of unfair business practice this will only get worse and already has as more and more ppl follow suit and they copy the behavior of this guy.


@falm was indeed the biggest spammer & when he doesn’t get what he wants he goes around taking it out on others. Cuz if it’s not his way, he will take anyone he can down w/ him to satisfy himself. He himself has used multiple gf accounts & since one of them got banned & his main account got warned, he’s salty & now he’s trying to get everyone warned/suspended/banned & that’s the tea

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

@DarkKnight so if i have 3 intrudium items… i can list like 1 every 5 hours in 24 hours ? or i have to wait 24 hours to relist my item ?

Hello Lhathron,

Just as I said in another topic:
We are handing out warnings to everyone that is relisting under 24h, so we can have a clean and fair marketplace with the comprehension of everyone.

So it will take some time for every seller to read and think about their actions.

We hope the warnings are effective, or else, we will have to take drastic measures.

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Thanks for the response dark!!
but we still haven’t got a clear answer for this yet from you …
I mean im gonna explain it easly to you as i can !
SO lets say there 1 items called “bubbly”
i have 5 bubbly in my inventory stock !
Can i post each bubbly i have every 4-5 hours , or i only have to wait 24 hours to post another bubbly ?

I mean if so even i have a big stock i should wait 24 hours to relist the item again i can understand but some sellers like @falm trying to do some tricky things to avoid getting caught as a spammer!!
i explained on my comments above please check it out

Here’s what he said when I had the same question

i mean he said you can relist one of them in less than 24 hours which means if we have 20 hexed for example we can only list 2 in less than 24 hours right ?

Unfortunately that’s what I understood from his statement but he did say “just to be safe” which means that it may not be 100% correct. Dont quote me on this but I think @DunnBiscuit has said in the past that if you can provide evidence that you have the quantity of the same item that ur listing, for example, you have 5 bubbly so you list 5 bubbly within a 24 hour time span, it is ok.

Thanks for answer @DarkKnight. But i’m not sure about these guys read here. Especially, EQUINOX spamming every 5-10 min. Also, Doni and Mc.Butch too. Everyone can use API we know that. But, we never sell anything in that point.

Exactly. He is always trying to drown other sellers when he is the one that makes loads of spamm. Like kakarotto said, now he is trying to camuflate his prision behaviour (lol).

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@DarkKnight They still spamming all posts man…

Hey Lhathron,

Let me check for you.

Could you please PM me their owner IDs?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @DarkKnight may i DM you too? There is a guy on gf who is spamming right now lol

I send their profile links.

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