Stop spammers on Gameflip

Hello guys, it’s really annoying, i’ve reported many users but Gameflip keeps ignoring, We have more than 10 spammers only on PS4, spamming 24/7, we can’t sell anything.
Help me stop this problem.

User 1 (The worst):

User 2:

User 3:

User 4:

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We have the same problem on Xbox. Nothing has been done regardless of the amount of reporting and pleading from the community. These spammers are using loopholes to go around the rules so they are doing nothing wrong to violate terms and conditions. However when they are posting nonstop using bots at a rate so fast no one can keep up with it leaves the feed with 99% of their posts while making other sellers obsolete. It’s completely wrong and something needs to be done. Why are you letting these people get away with this?

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