What a spam (Please block this user!)

This seller amazing spamming all items. This is spamming all items constantly on 24 hours.
Just you can go to Rocket League - steam Tittle and find a white apex , white draco . Please warn or block this user



We are handing out warnings to everyone that is relisting under 24h, so we can have a clean and fair marketplace with the comprehension of everyone.

So it will take some time for every seller to read and think about their actions.

We hope the warnings are effective, or else, we will have to take drastic measures.

:trident: New forum moderators!

You will probably lose big users due to this. Just saying :slight_smile:

So after you take a warning notice for spamming on selling items you then come to spam on the forum because you think you’re so right? Well done, mate. :+1:

No I didn’t spam anything. That is the issue lol. You must be a small seller, so probably wouldn’t understand. But big sellers are the ones reposting constantly. If they cannot do this anymore & if they get banned for it. Gameflip will lose big sellers. It’s simple to be honest. Just being honest with gameflip before they lose users :slight_smile:

Oh of course you didn’t “spam anything”! That must be the reason why they warned you to stop spamming and you started spamming the forum crying about being warned (your original post is right here: What did I do wrong?). Busted :joy:

I’m guessing you’re a little slow. I asked what I did wrong because “I don’t spam”. This has nothing to do with you honestly. & crying? Why don’t you mind your own business. I’m trying to help gameflip, before they start losing big users. FYI mind your own! Ty!

Nice ad hominems. Yes, I’m “slow” and “small seller”, while you’re a huuuuuge seller and soooo important.
Good luck with that toxic behavior, mate. :+1:

Next time try at least to show your name instead of hiding behind fakes such as “Gameflipuser123”.
Won’t waste my time with fake users* here, so c ya ;).

*Perhaps it would even be a good implementation for the user to have to link the Gameflip account to the forum in order to post here, as it would avoid fake accounts. What do you guys think @DarkKnight and @MajorTom?.

I’m glad you can act like an adult here lol. This is a great community!

I’m glad I can come here for help & get the help I need with these nice people. Than you everyone! (Being sarcastic btw)