Rocket league in-game item spams

I listed my item 4 minutes ago and and now my listed item went to 5th page on gameflip(steam side) because of this. The quick question. Is that allowed to spam like this? If yes i would like to do same. If not, why no one take an action to stop this unfair whole page listing? here the profile links who doing this.

And someone complained that I’m blocking all users with β€œONLINE” in their nicknames :slight_smile:

Lyrra is an API user. The API allows Gameflip users to quickly post listings from a template. But it looks like Lyrra is abusing the system by mass deleting and re-posting their listings in order to β€œbump” their whole inventory.

I suggest you make a comment in one their listings that they’re spamming. If they don’t stop then use the Report button on their profile and report them spamming.

Hello. I am FALM from gameflip. I am really sorry for this situation. I’ll be more carefull when sharing post.



I’m Łyrra’s Shop. We’re sorry for the trouble. We’ll be carefull to not attempt the same mistake again. We apologize for everything we caused.



someone is still doing this spam thing since 4-5 hours. I can’t even post anything because it’s totally useless since this guy listing 7/24

this guy

Why nobody stop him? or he has allowed to do this? any privileges for this guy?

hi im icy and… never mind