XBOX ONE Rocket league section ruined by spammers

So there are multiple users making 36 posted every 30ish minutes all day everyday. The same items over and over again, i’m not sure how apis are still allowed on the site. These users are killing their own market by spamming it to death. Something really needs to be done about this, gameflip is unbearable nowadays.

Yeah. They have to do something about that. I reported most of users for relisting same items but gameflip is not suspending them because they do profit from them.

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Yeah, those were the exact 3 people i was talking about.

Same here, Like example:

I can give you more than 20 accounts using a script and keep spamming, i’ve reported many as well but no respond, Gameflip don’t cares about reports.

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Ya seems like it, gameflip was fine until everyone figured out how to use a api or marco. Simple fix is to ban apis and macros from the site.