Nonstop spamming #2

Hello. These guys breaking the tos and destroying the whole rocket league Xbox market. They keep relisting their inventories for their own benefits.
First person:

Second Person:

Third person:
(@DunnBiscuit you warned him 22 days ago but he is still doing it)
Nonstop spamming - Rocket league Xbox one.

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@DunnBiscuit please warn them

It’s literally impossible sell items without relist them. Look at this guy. I got the same item for $9.5 and he can sell it for $14 because he is relisting it every 2 hour or less.

You guys are spot on. I almost feel like the problem has gotten worse since the initial suspension. With alot of these being names i dont recall seeing before. Bkingjoin is one seller who I am very displeased is still allowed to be selling on here. This person would not only spam their inventory nonstop using some program but would leave the old posts out there which flooded the site with only their items to be found. I counted how many items they personally had up at one given time it was ridiculous. 350 Biomass. Absolutely no one could sell that besides them as theirs were lost in a sea of his. He did this with every bmd, dracos, inverted gripstride, octane. They cleverly stuck to common items easy to find in a minutes notice in case they were sold out but this behavior loaded their pockets while shorting the remainder of sellers who posted like they should and deleted when reposting. I really hope action is taken to make this site great again and if you do you’ll see sellers and buyers come back in masses. Rant over if you made it this far you must feel the struggle as well


It’s such a joke, most of the people that got suspended just got on a vpn and made a new account. The kangaroo account and account are brand new accounts it is so obvious that it is the same people just making new accounts. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST BAN APIS AND MACROS FROM THE SITE. I report these people daily for weeks and nothing happens but i got suspended 2 weeks ago when i was posting every 1 hour but these guys can post every few minutes and nothing happens?

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@DunnBiscuit sir please warn them. They are keep spamming

@DunnBiscuit at least give an answer. they ruined whole website