Can gameflip limit how many time a seller can relist his products to reduce spamming and make the market more fair?

Anyone can relist its stuff multiply times making it always on the front page and it’s annoying and not fair it’s like a free unlimited bump there should a be a limit to how many times you can realist your items on gameflip like 4 times daily or less to give chance to other sellers to sell their products and prevent monopoly

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I’ve complained a lot of people. But they’re still spamming. By rules, an item should be shared once a day. But nobody fits this rule. Especially for rl-steam and rl-xbox sellers.While users complain so much, managers still haven’t found a solution.People who list items every hour earn very nice money. And we’re just watching them.

@DunnBiscuit said many times ‘‘an item should be shared only once a day.’’. But nobody stops. And they’re doing spam. Hopefully one day a fair change is applied.

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Yea i think this problem in on rocket league listings.
On dota2, csgo, h1z1 and rust i dont see this problem.

Likewise for me, i’ve quit selling RL steam items due to majority of my listings being overlapped by these spammers. I’ve seen quite a few repeated coordinated transfer listings on the game pages as well, where the sellers do not actually own the game, and will go to third party sites to buy their games when their listings is sold. Unfortunately, nothing can be done unless the site changes its policy. Sad, but i hope these sellers change their mindsets and not be selfish about hogging the pages all to themselves.

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@DunnBiscuit sir please do something

That kangaroo guy is awful. Something tells me alot of these accounts are one user using multiple accounts. Example being kangaroo who is almost identical as Monkey is just as a different mascot. There are others as well who use the same behavior patterns in posting.
That being said i really enjoyed gameflip again when they all got suspended. It was nice to browse the pages and not have the same exact stuff over and over again. Thought this place actually was going to be great again. That lasted a mere 2 days and its like nothing changed besides their manipulative ways to get around the rules