Ridiculous Spamming Continues .. Does Gameflip even care ?

This guy has been spamming golden eggs ridiculously for more than an hour. He keeps adding a new listing with 1 egg less.I understand these people have no sense but i don’t understand how gameflip allows this kind of behaviours .I mean what is the point of spamming like this … I got tired of reporting spammers but yet the same ones keep spamming.How is it so dificult to deal with them ? Please do something serious.

Proofs as always:

He started adding 300 Golden Eggs. He adds 1 listing for each number below it.
After 2 hours of non stop spamming , he stopped.

that’s not spamming, i’m allowed to post every quantity every single 24 hours, admins approved this.
so i’m listning them accordingly from 300 to 1 every 24 hours, not breaking any rule here.
and if i’m then everyone should get banned for it cuz everyone else doing it just with a slightly different timeframe betwen each 10-11-12… like
then wait 20 minutes and he list again

i’m doing it straight at once
so look it up homie before you post about me


he started spamming other stuff now . It’s been hours.

Posting pages of listings for hours and saying it’s not spam.These people are really out of mind lol.

@DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom

Lol … are you dumb or what ? i’m not reposting same items every minute
every single item getting posted is different than the other one
i’m allowed to do that every 24 hours. look it up before you post lol

i’m relisting my products every 24h, not breaking any rule, you beign an abuse rn taking screenshots of everytime i post, just look up the forum before you post dude lol

Oh yeah if im not posting the same item i can just spam pages of different items for 10 hours a day and dont let anyone else to sell their stuff. What a great way .You are really smart you have found a great way to spam lol. Let’s see how mods will take care of this situation.

you really crying for nothing here, the mods already talked about this lol and made theirs decision, what i’m doing is not breaking any rule :wink:

Let’s just wait.

If I buy largest amount of Golden Eggs you have available (let’s say 200). Do you still have “Golden Egg 2019 | 199x”?

Yeah pretty sure the mods said its allowed, only thing not allowed is the spamming of the same listing with the same quantity.

Suggestion: allow users to create 1 listing with “?” quantity and customers can choose the amount to buy. For e.g I create a listing of RL keys and have 200 keys, user can choose the amount of keys they want to buy from the listing like 43 keys or 72 keys, and the amount of keys will decrease from the listing once sale is completed. This way, it wont cause a spam of listings with the same item but different quantity.

I was kinda annoyed when i was selling RL stuff, but quit as i find it hard to compete with so many others who are spamming with different amount

If this is legit, it means that i can non stop spam 24h different key amounts and don’t let anyone else to sell their stuff.Just nonsense.This can not be allowed.It’s an abuse.

I agree, but mods have said its allowed. Regardless of how annoying it is and unfair it may be to u, thats how people increase their sales in RL market.

The only way it ended in the CS:GO relevant section was when the 7 day ban happened and people even still spam coordinated transfer section with the same junk daily. These sellers are more than happy to make the marketplace awful and tedious if it earns them a few extra bucks.

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People keep doing the same , i’m still waiting support from mods.This is unacceptable.

Let’s spam hundreds of ‘‘different’’ listings and not let anyone else to sell their items.

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