Please do something about this user

This user spamming and same posts at every 30 or 60 min and relistin… And it never stops. There are always the same people on the homepage, and all of them are spammers… That’s not fair.

My Proofs : 9x same post in same day…

He still spamming non stop now. @DunnBiscuit

In the same way they listing about 1000 items in 1 day…


12 days past do something @DunnBiscuit

this users must be blocked from the site at once. On the main page, these two users do not show anyone else’s posts.They share dozens of items in 1 minute. And they share more than 1000 items for hours.In order to protect other vendors, Gameflip management should take immediate action on these two users.

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yes, even now spamming RL - STEAM platform…

he still spamming now . He started a spam 5 hours ago an still doing now.

he is spamming at every 10 min

he shared 12x same posts in 2 hours

My proofs :

@DunnBiscuit Please do something now. Only they don’t on this site. this is not fair

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I reported this user to biscuit long time ago and think he got a warning, but he is still spamming lol. If i see more of that behaviour ill report him again to biscuit. For now you guys should send him a PM with Vaders gf profile link and all the proof you got.

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These people are untouchable. I have reported over and over again and still nothing happens. You can go on rocket league xbox at any given time and you’ll see kangaroos, my little pony and some pissed off sponge 99% of the posts. I can almost be certain kangaroo is monkeys from before and I wouldn’t be suprised all these accounts are somehow connected.

I check every report sent and I take any action necessary the users.

Also, as said, we are assessing the situation to see if what can be done.

When I have any news I’ll let you know. If you need to report anyone, please PM me.

Thank you.