One Stop RL Shop Amazing Spamming!

This person is incredibly spamming. It lists the same items over and over again in one day. This is forbidden! Why isn’t it checked? I have repeatedly complained to this person. But he’s still breaking the rules. Why don’t you take any action now? We can’t sell anything because of these people.

His profile:


Rocket Depot is also spamming more than once in a 24 hour time frame & nothing has been done?!?!
Here’s his profile:

Hi Hot Bito, You are doing exactly the same, but you are erasing your listings and reposting them, I have been following the rules, but there is people like Goo666, LennyPanne, Kangaroo and Rocket Michael resposting items even every minute.

So what should we do? I want a healthy market like everyone else but we need a better way to list the items or to have a block of what can we list in a certain amount of time.

I have in stock all my listings but I want a healthy market too

I post once every 24 hours. The only reason I have deleted all my listings & started anew is to decrease all my prices & delete the old higher priced items. Even then I waited until the 24 hour interval was done to re-list every item so no I’m not deleting & re-listing to spam. But you just proved you’re spamming by saying “you are doing the same” which implies youre admitting youre in the wrong. Look at all my posts. Theyre all 24 hours from another if theyre duplicate posts buddy :slight_smile:
All we can do is follow the rules & post the same item(s) once every 24 hours. I had to learn the hard way so everyone who isn’t following that rule will be brought to light so that the market is fair for every seller

Please stop acting that way, I have been watching you, and when you are online you erase and re list your items, there are a lot of posts of people complaining about you, I didn’t prove anything, what I said is that you are doing the same thing that you are complaining, at the end I just want the same as everyone else, a healthy market, but there are people re listing keys every 30 mins, and is almost impossible to sell with people doing that.
I’m sorry if I bother you in any way, I hope the moderators can find a solution for this
Have a nice one :slight_smile:

I don’t spam unlike you & countless others. So don’t come here preaching you want a fair market when you’re causing just as much of a mess as others. Others you mentioned have been reported but I havent seen you be reported yet so here’s yours.
Watch all you want lol Get some proof while you’re at it too. I really don’t mind. I’m doing nothing wrong at all. I am & will continue to re-post every 24 hours & nobody can do a thing about it since I’m following the TOS :slight_smile:
You on the other hand are re-posting the same items anywhere between 5-8+ times a day. So w/ time you any other sellers breaking the 24 hour re-list rule will receive a warning & if it continues it will result in a suspension then ban.
Have a good one too & rethink your actions :wink:

& would you look at that. Even while discussing spamming you continue to spam as we speak lol

Everyone can change the hour on a device and take a picture of the same listing, well I guess this is something personal, I don’t know if I did something to you or what is the problem here, have a nice one

Would u like video proof next?
I’ll be more than glad to :slight_smile:

Nothing personal. Like I said, most of the big spammers have been reported so I’m doing my due diligence to report others who are also breaking the rules & making it an unfair marketplace. You said that’s what you wanted, a fair marketplace, so how bout you follow the TOS & follow what you preach

Well I guess this is personal, I don’t know why, I know you on xbox and reddit I don’t know why the salt on me, I’m ending this here by my side, I’m not here for fighting, If you want to talk about something or you don’t like something about me you can send me a PM.
If I’m doing something wrong I will change it or talk with a moderator.
Thanks for the advices and for the time

I honestly don’t even know who you are so there’s no way it can be personal but I appreciate the change & making things more fair. Idk why Gooo or Lenny havent been banned yet but ik theyve been reported countless times.
If you click on my profile, I opened a topic on why I received a warning & I had a thorough talk w/ admin on what is right & wrong when it comes to re-listing items.
Have a good one

Everyone recieved the warning, even the ones that only post some items per week, Is really hard to sell with that guys spamming, We know each other lol, we had trade a lot on xbox and I met you on reddit lol, have a nice one.
I will check that post btw

Its not hard when we have the lowest prices. Only reason I havent matched your prices or gone lower for so long is cuz Im stubborn & want to maximize profits. Even now Im too stubborn to match all your prices but Ive matched most lol But with this 24 hour rule coming into play all of a sudden, I have to put ego aside & cut profit margins to increase sales again.
& I only talk to 2 ppl when it comes to RL trading so I have no clue who you might be