Insane spamming on Rocket League - Steam

This seller insane spamming on rocket league - steam . It shares the same amount of credits advertisements one after another. He shares the same thing dozens of times in minutes. And it never stops. Please do what you need. @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom

Funny you mention that because;

It’s not fun when others do, is it?

several times a day or 50 times in 1 hour ? which is more fair? Also, the photos you shared are very old.

@enigma I always share my posts every hour. And I never bother other people. Bc store shared the same advertisement 50 times in 1 hour.

@enigma You also have a fake account. Why are you hiding who you are? Do not you have courage ?

I share different amounts every hour. just like other sellers. I share the same amount again when the cycle is over. that is, after 10-15 hours. this is not forbidden. and it doesn’t disturb other users. however, this is prohibited if you share an item multiple times within an hour.

@enigma so thank you for your secret admiration for me. I hope you understand everything I want to tell :slight_smile:

Since this topic got out of control, I will close it.

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God Speed! :trident:

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