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I have seen this guy delete and repost his items for many months now. while using bots to spam. I thought deleting and re-posting to bump items was not allowed?

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He’s using Gameflip API, not bots. And constantly deleting/reposting same item is not allowed.

Wasnt suppose to be allowed reposting with 12-24hs difference?

That’s fine but he spam it every 10 minutes…


Can you send me proof via PM so I can investigate this further and take actions?



Oldest post is 2 hours old.

He constantly spams and deletes / reposts his listings multiple times / day for the sole purpose of more exposure.

He constantly spams keys and crates literally nonstop deleting / re posting using bot

He is non stopping. Just by seeing his profile you can figure it out

not every 10min , 20-30 offer every 20-120 min. idont spam all of 600 my offers every 30 min. painted items and other items i reposting every 4-8 hours

still is not allowed, cuz you are taking monopol.

all what u need know about monopol in here: https://gameflip.com/browse/in-game-items/rocket-league-steam?limit=36&page=2&platform=023171037943&status=sold and here: https://gameflip.com/browse/in-game-items/rocket-league-ps4?limit=36&page=1&platform=812872018928&status=sold

I’m not into rocket league items and i dont browse them. But if you think someone else is using bots just report them. Because other repost, doesnt mean you can to.

lol dude. i use Gameflip API It is allowed :smiley:

no it’s not you can’t post like a bat out of hell and delete all your listings and repost for more exposure constantly, furthermore, you don’t even have all the items you post. many have been banned for far less than what you’re doing.

keep an eye on my account for at least a week, stop lying here. Also i got all what i have list in my store.

Moreover, I have not broken more than one item of the user agreement, but because of you(crybabies), I was given a warning. Can i see ur main acc on gameflip boy? Just wondering.

Because you were using API, doesnt mean spamming is allowed. You are not first person who is doing it, probably not last one. You were spamming and taking advange on market, what is not nice and is not fair play for other sellers.

I understand, you wanna sell more. But you are not alone here, others wants sell more as well. Be fair for others.


I already sent a warning to him and I’m talking to him via PM.

So I’m closing this topic.