Suggestions: Suscribe to sellers and newsletter to email

Suscribe to specific sellers to receive notifications when they put a new item on sale, plus newsletter, plus more great offers as you’ve done before! :smiley: And also, is it possible to receive notificacions when an specific game it’s put on sale, such as Mortal Kombat X, Splatoon, etc.


One of the features we actually really want to implement (I think it’s in development) is a “Follow” and “Like” option. We want users who want to engage with other users to be able to engage in more fun ways, so this would be a way to do that! Users will be able to “Like” a listing to follow its progress (or support a game they like!), and follow users who are good Sellers and who post games that they like!

Hopefully that’ll be within the next few updates we release. We’re working on just basic bug fixes and implementing other crucial aspects of Gameflip (like fraud detection :scream:)

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Awesome, that would be great! :), by the way, will be able in the future to receive my credit by inviting more friends or doing something else?, participating on surveys, things like that?

Yes! There will definitely be future events like that. A small but growing dream of our team right now is to have a Twitch channel and to reward our viewers with Gameflip Credits if they watch! We have ideas like that in the making, so stay tuned :v: