This guy is a scammer

Recently he scammed people for not sending keys codes to the buyers.

Hello @leelaw, thank you for letting us know about this.

Our team is looking into it.

Have a great day!

did you buy his steam wallet code outside of gameflip, he sounds suspicious don’t buy anything from anyone if they want you to add them, do all the transactions inside gameflip for safety purposes. i’ll rather pay more that to save much money and then be scammed.

really need to check this guy out, thank for the report and warning us about this one.

No, I bought the code on gameflip. It’s surely was my fault because I fall to a trap where all of his selling pages uses transfer icons.

Note to self, buy only to sellers who has key icon. I understand that my money won’t be refunded, but I just want to let this guy be banned permanently.

i just got scam also, i bought steam gift coupon with transfer icon, and he send a used gift coupon. i already reported the transaction, i hope i could have my money returned.

@earlericksone We’ve addressed your problem. Thank you for not rating before we could fix this and get you a refund.

really big thank you for gameflip support, you worked fast guys, thank you so much, that was fast