Report scammer !!!

This guys is scammer please banned his Gameflip account !!!

Hello Gosh,

Could you please pm me your profile code as well?

I will further investigate this.

I use Gameflip before but it so suck by some reason , now i don’t use it

This is outside of Gameflip. So Gameflip cant do much for you. You can open the case on PayPal.

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@ Gosh, Well, that’s why we try to warn the users to avoid dealing with the seller outside of our platform, as we are unable to check the chat history and intervene on the transaction. There is even a warning on our website about this:

“IMPORTANT: Avoid scamming, DO NOT give out sensitive information such as PayPal account, phone number, Steam or Game ID. Purchases outside of Gameflip will NOT be protected under Gameflip Guarantee.”

Also, please be more careful of the kind of language you use on Gameflip.

why would you send almost $1000 dollars to someone you dont know over text message??? :man_facepalming:

I know him, he sells Steam wallet and want trade for gameflip seller as me. Gosh is cheated by him

he wants to trade outside but i dont need

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