Scammer forcing people to rate can mod check this please

  • This guy account must be check as his forcing people to complete sells, how is someone with that amount of bad review why is he still allowed to sell
  • pules as i did use his store along time ago he never deliver on time like if it 3 day deliver u will got the key tell 4 days and as u can’t do nothing or cancel as if u check his account u will notice that thing as will
    as u can see that in even his recant listing

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

I’m not a fan of Bargain Basement he strickly uses GameFlip to buy items to relist for higher price. Thats just my opinion though. That being said he only sells Argentina codes so if you’re not in Argentina you will need to use a VPN for it to redeem in your region. Hope this helps.

i got u but witch that rate and old once he got a lot of bad review and as he buys and resell keys from other stores some will be used but as his big store mostly gameflip support will set to his side as there isn’t much the buyer can provide. this kid of stores makes gameflip bad place for a lot of users

You are correct. Myself I can’t stand Resellers on here. Average buyer out here trying to use the items for themselves but these guys just stalk the listings and you never have a chance. That really isn’t what makes me the maddest the most though. It’s the ones like i was saying that buys a listing and resells here 5 mins later with increased price. Hustlin. Atleast some of these resellers will buy it n resell on another site. Anyways thats the end of my rant. I hope they help you out. Even though I don’t respect what he does I think hes legit at providing the codes. Going by his feedback. Could be a mix up or could be he 180’d n now trying to rip ppl off now. You never know on this site. Anything is possible.

will as his most rates comes from small sells pulse as i did see recently nba 20k20 witch was being sold at 30$ same as release data witch means those keys are stolen keys, plus he will mostly target new gameflip account as they don’t know much, as buying keys from different seller and reselling them means the old owner could use the key later and when new guy buy it and say his used he will tell him it you who used it as most new buyers just open disputes and rarely provide info gameflip will side with 1000+ rating over the 0 rating.

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He just this morning basically threatened to get me banned for a mix up with a fifa key & would not accept a refund & flat out forced me to buy one of his listings at a higher cost before he would complete my transaction to witch he opened a dispute too But then closed it. One of the worst person i have dealt with on gameflip.



I was genuinely kinda shaken up bye it btw. Horrible experience

the more evidence we can post here the batter u can take pictures of the chat and post it here so when admins check his account they can just bann him so other people don’t face the same stuff


I dont know why this got posted here, i am bargain basement himself. And the Guy what gave me that bad rating tolld me his code worked and would rate me. But he never did and after he gives me a bad rating. Not evrything is what it seems sometimes :wink: also the Guy here who tells i forced him, solld the copy what i bought quick to another Guy with asking explicit to rate immediatly when hé got the code (also have proof of this). And yes that is a reason for gameflip to ban you. Why would you sell a code twice? And at the beginning i didn’t always deliver on time, but that aint happening annymore.

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You are still an asshole as most people know & ARG keys are dirt cheap & you exploit that by reselling at USD price. I did say to you karma will bite you so just watch.

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