Negative / Neutral Reviews

Not all cases are equal but I have experienced times where people have rated either neutral or negatively due to misunderstandings and after a conversation they wanted to change their review but can’t.

Do you think allowing a mechanic where the original reviewer could modify their review or the person reviewed could activate a dispute of review allowing the reviewer to change?

Currently there is nothing a person can do about it besides open up a support ticket, thus bogging down support with these minute requests where given the correct UI mechanics might be able to self service.

Just some thoughts, what do you all think?


I am all for more options as the current system doesn’t really give much opportunity to challenge unfair feedback. Any of my poorer feedback has largely come from people not reading the listing which isn’t really my fault and doesn’t feel particularly fair. I put a lot of effort into informing buyers and when that information is ignored and results in a poor review then it becomes quite disappointing.

I’m not so sure about being able to change ratings and would be interested in seeing the suggestions of others. I do feel that the person being rated should be allowed to give an Ebay-esque response so that buyers/sellers can see both sides of the story.


I believe I am currently in the process of being scammed and it occurred to me that when a user puts a transaction on hold that Gameflip should not allow either user to provide a rating. I was originally minded to suggest that the person found against should not be able to provide a rating but I will let you guys debate that. Gameflip should be suspending scammers anyhow so being able to rate them negative should really barely slow them down (most of them just create new accounts, switch their IP via the VPN and start again).

Gameflip from my experience tend to be fair with these things. If they find against me then I will be okay with it. It went through a process and I would be down a few cents. However, your average user or scammer will not be so equanimous about the whole matter and will rate negative out of spite.

If they find for me then strangely I’ll be more or less unhappy, which shouldn’t be the way. I will have spent the time responding and engaging with the scammer. I will have waited the days or hours it took for the matter to be reviewed and eventually by the time it was over I would end up with a shiny big negative review stating I am a scammer (which I can’t respond to) and may be able to have Gameflip remove.

Would like to see the thoughts of other Forum users around this suggestion and their experiences with these things.

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Yesterday Gameflip closed dispute in my favor. I wrote about that in other thread.

I was able to rate him negative and he is unable to rate me anymore, because Gameflip changed transaction to “complete”. I blocked him afterwards, just to be sure.

But there is always a risk of angry and unsuccessful scammer to close the dispute faster than Gameflip, so I completely agree there should be restriction to rate after the dispute, yes, but that means more job for Gameflip stuff to decide who the scammer is (as we need to rate them to warn the others). Not sure what the solution would be, except for Gameflip to look into every dispute ever opened. Too much of a hard work, I’m afraid.

EDIT: Direct responds to ratings is not possible, but I don’t see Gameflip provide us with that, because ratings already goes both ways. Not much, but it’s at least something.

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Good to hear that you got the dispute sorted out favorably :+1:

I know my suggestion about blocking both parties from rating after a dispute is opened would be open to abuse. There is absolutely nothing to stop a scammer/poor seller briefly opening and closing a dispute to avoid a negative rating.

I think with all of these problems it is about finding an elegant solution for a company like Gameflip. Something simple, effective and costing the least amount of effort beyond building the feature to manage it. I guess the Ebay option where you can put a line on your own feedback with your take on it is still the most effective one that I can come up with :slight_smile:

It is good to know that Gameflip can close a dispute in favor of a user and it blocks the other party from making a rating. I wasn’t aware that this was a thing. Hopefully, if they find in my favour, they will take this approach and I can avoid an unwarranted negative rating (I know these things are subjective).


I added a little edit about that respond to ratings, you might missed it cuz I was slowed down adding it (job got in my way, lol).

I’m glad to see people here try to make things better for all of us.

Forum is my best source of discovering who to block even before they “touch” me :slight_smile: I will always provide full link to scammers I find, too.

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I am aware that you are in the habit of doing this and I regularly block these users.

I had thought about creating a list of “Distrusted” users for Discerning sellers to block but it would be so hard to curate and could, like so many things, be open to abuse/trolling.

I think your current thread is effective at capturing these individuals and to be fair you provide a lengthy explanation/description of the tactics that they employ which lets readers make their own minds up.

For those interested Pedja’s scammers can be found here:


Thanks for nice words!

Anyway, after reading through this forum more often, those of us that are selling mostly games are lucky ones. Situations with items and gift cards is a mess on higher level.

See you around, Brashen :wink:

Just had another scenario where a buyer rated me negatively but when approached they were surprised it happened and wanted to change it. But as we all know they can’t. I feel like a rating should be allowed to be changed up, but not down, and have to give a valid reason for the change.

It is just frustration each time this happens, support ticket, wait days, they usually don’t resolve, come crying to Dunn :frowning: Just get old yah know?