Don’t agree with Gameflip

I’ve been on Gameflip for some years now. Do I love it? Of course I do. Is it convenient? Absolutely! But…. There is one issue that’s been implemented since I haven’t been in the loop of Gameflip. Well now I’m back just trying to sell a couple items. I don’t like how Gameflip freezes your reviews for the public eye because you haven’t been active for a substantial amount of time. Months/weeks/etc. it makes it hard for me to sell items because I look like a untrustworthy seller. I’ve noticed some of my items listed cheaper than others. But I get bipassed because you are unable to see my positive feedback. Buyers will literally avoid me because of it and pay $10 over pay to feel comforted in whatever purchase they make. It’s not fair. It isn’t right. I understand why Gameflip did this. It’s because they want you to stay active inside the app to keep a persona. Well, unfortunately I don’t always use ■■■■ 24/7. I use it when I can. But don’t strip me from my positive reviews being able to be seen from the buy screen. Besides that…… I love you Gameflip. Just some opinion of mine that I felt I wanted to discuss. Don’t like it at all. I’m not here for drama. Are to be toxic. Just stating a fact. Also…… That doesn’t help you Gameflip in any type of way…. People are passing up online sellers to contact offline sellers. The buyer can’t reach that person. Then they don’t buy anything at all. So you don’t get a sale are commission. So to keep my reviews visible on the buy screen I have to constantly keep buying/selling? When did my reviews being viewed on the buy screen become a privilege? With over 400+ trades I get stripped of that? Lol. Just a little confused

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I’m not sure I fully understand. Do you mean past reviews (not rating) are not shown for you?

For me as a buyer, I also look at the full picture, including lifetime ratings as well as number of items sold (since some don’t leave review/rating) like this example below.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 2.37.29 PM

If I read the reviews, I also want to filter out what the buyers buy for the review as well. So don’t be fret that reviews may not be around for long, your entire track record should still be there.

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