Gameflip it's losing part of it's appealing (personal opinion)

So I’ve been using gameflip since about a year now.
I remember that when I first got into gameflip, it didn’t look real, games at surprising prices, credits, promotions. I got three games for free back then, the witcher 3, batman and bloodborne, because I got $55 in credits (I’ve never seen something as amazing as that, never)

Lately, I haven’t seen good promotions on the app, the last good one I saw, was the one of getting $11 for a purchase of equivalent amount, about 3 months ago I believe, and those offers have been common in my experience during gameflip’s existance. Also, even though this is not gameflip’s fault, popular sellers are increasing their prices.

I’ve bought most of my products to Steam Pumpkin, since it’s always been cheaper for me regarding to pre order games and steam cards. I didnt buy Dark Souls 3 to Steam Pumpkin, because it was even cheaper on other websites, even in Amazon, and this is the first time he wasn’t my best option. Same thing with overwatch. I’m not sure if he has to increase the price, because of some reason regarding to the economy in games, or he just wants to get more money (which is perfectly understandable). I bought him steam cards for $37, now they are $40. I bought streer fighter v for pc, pre order, $30, couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else, now I can find all the pre order games cheaper than in Gameflip. The Cat Laser (don’t remember his name), he seems very consistent on prices, and they are really good, considering those are console games. He sold dark souls 3 pre order, phsyical copy, even the first day edition, for the same price Steam Pumpkin sold just the digital code of the same game in steam.

So I just wanted to share this with you guys, I recommended gameflip to a lot of people, I might be one of the users with more friends invited to the app, but still, I feel gameflip is lowering what made it special to me.

Just wanted to express myself, thank you.


Hi Shigakure, I totally agree with you.
I loved the beginning of Gameflip i got several games for free as well ( dont remember which ones though)
The promotions they ran were amazing and I truly Truly miss those days. I think i got about $45 ish in credits as well to get a few games,
I agree with you the promotions have been getting smaller and smaller as well as less winnings.
You also have to think from their standpoint as well though, They grew pretty fast in a short amount of time, And the constant promotions of credits is not free money its money they payout to sellers and buyers. With the app growing so fast and running promotions where they spend $1k- $10k gets a bit too much for them to handle. And thats PER promotion, then they ran the console promotions and etc, That costs them money as well. of course its totally understandable, they ran the promotions to grow bigger ( which worked fantastically if I might add.) They grew really really fast from when you and I joined and that deserves an applause!

Yes ive seen the prices raise from sellers as well, and that is partly due to the increase in the items they buy getting higher as well so they have to charge more to recover from the cost rise that they pay for the items/ gift cards etc. And of course some just know its a good item and raising $1-$3 can make them more money so they do so as well ( which they should) As long as its still reasonable.

The cat laser name is actually ( Lazor Games). He does offer great prices yes, which is good.
We appreciate your expressions, this app is great and I love it.
Also dont forget you can even find deals not listed anywhere else such as in the Forum go to Looking to Buy and Looking to sell categories and you can ask people to buy/ sell something you have or looking to buy. Hope this helps.

( Vincents Gaming) by the way.

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Thank you for youe reply, and yes, I agree with you. Hopefully Gameflip will be able to inplement some things from the past eventually.

The problem with the buy and sell listing, at least from my persoective, it’s not very used by the community, so it’s hard to find a good deal in my opinion.

The great thing about gameflip in my opinion, it’s the support service, so continue with this, because it’s awesome.

Once again, thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Thanks @Shigakure for taking the time to give your feedback. I’d like to give some insight into the promo aspect of things. As we love giving back to our great community, running these promos do come from our bottom line as Credits are equivalent to real cash since we have to convert Credits into cash for sellers during purchases.

What we have realized with these promos, is that they were being taken advantage of in not the correct way. As we continue to grow and branch out internationally, we need to also adapt the promos so we can still give back to legitimate users and not being taken advantage of from not so legitimate users.

As we haven’t been so aggressive with promos lately, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll go away for good. We just need to spend some time to re-evaluate and implement some more restriction into these.

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Hope all goes well Bur! and would love to see more promos in the future! Once i get my website up and running i plan on being an affiliate with you guys as well and hopefully vice-versa!!!

Also if you guys ever need any input from your sellers dont hesitate to contact me personally, i love to help. and i have many great ideas ( as you know from the past.)
Also dont forget about us featured store sellers, we haven’t received much love from you guys. Even an email once a month or something would be great.

( I also think the 50 feedback score minimum to become a featured store is too little)

Of course, as I always appreciate your input and help! And yeah, reach out to me once you have your website up and I’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

I always want to do more newsletters and having a Featured Store section would be great to help promote you guys. I’ll definitely keep that in the back of my mind for the future.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Of course, i plan on having my website go live by tonight or tomorrow.
Yes please help do more for the featured stores,
Like i said though 50 is pretty low. I feel like 100 or 150 is a good minimum to have people become a featured store, as it helps them grow as their featured store business and know how to communicate and deal with customers appropriately. As well as knowing they are credible and not just some average joe selling stuff as a “featured store with only 50 sales/ buys”

Well, it seems like things have gotten worse now.

$44 steam cards, wow, I remember when I used to pay $37-38.

I truly hope gameflip keeps getting bigger, I won’t be using the app anymore since it doesn’t work for me anymore, but I really appreciate this app, since in a way, helped me to enjoy a lot of games that I currently love.

I will be looking for upcoming promotions and sales anyways!

Hey bur I know im super late lol. But I’ve had my website up for a few months now lol. Also sorry for the inactivity in the forums have had plenty to do around and havent had the time to be here :frowning: But i am back and will try to be on at least 2 times a week again!

No worries! I understand how things get crazy and time slips by. But glad to see you back and helping out. As always, it’s much appreciated. :smile:

Wow I can’t belirve in 3 months I got more than 500 people haha

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That is a pretty amazing FEAT. Too bad you only get $1 for that though. You alone would make Gameflip go Broke lol. JK.

Haha, well, it seems like the youtube video was kind of succesful in a way.

Yes i assume so! lol. Great job man. If only you can promote my website! if you got 800 ppl there id pay you some $$$ lol

I am quite new to Gameflip so I don’t know how it was a year ago, but no other site has this promotions so I feel like that’s still great (got things cheaper Christmas, new year again 4$ now the 5$ …)
Although it’s right that items are sometimes more expensive than they are on other sites (usually a problem ‘smaller’ sites have, because there are not enough sellers they have to compete with)

Gameflip it’s not bad, it’s still really good, but it was way better before regarding to promotions. I’ve invited more than 1400 and they got rid off the counter, I guess because it doesn’t matter anymore. I wish I could receive something when the people I invite buy certain amount of things, or whatever.

Yeah inviting got pretty useless without a reward

This was a game app now it’s a CS go skin app no prescription orders on new up coming games. RIP lazor games.

They’ve also started to scam sellers out of money they’ve earned. Site has really gone to crap.

Why would they risk losing the business to take money from their best sellers? I don’t know your situation, but if you’re a legit seller and accidentally get caught with scammers, you’ll be fine when you show them you’re legit.