People I invite think this app is a scam?

Hello guys, I have invited multiple people to register to Gameflip, since I consider it my favorite app related to buy and sell videogames ever, by incredible far. The thing about the credit is simple amazing and I’m sure most of us agree on that. I wasn’t planning to buy The Witcher 3, Batman or Mortal Kombat X for PS4, i got them three for about $30 total (I got advantage of the $5 award on credits), and when I tell about this to people, they believe it’s scam or an app that wants to get your information, and I’m not sure how to explain to them how this works, because they tell me that it’s easy to “re-program” a phone or something like that, or use other phone numbers or they don’t understand how you make money if you pay sellers in cash.

I know this is private information and everything, but, haha, it’s frustrating people don’t believe you, and in a certain way I agree with them, because at the beginning I was skeptic about Gameflip, even after getting the credits, I thought I wasn’t going to receive my videogames or something like that, and it ended up being 100% real and amazing! :slight_smile:


Same here, I think it’s because this app seems too good to be true. All the prices are really low, credits make them even lower and there’s all these raffles and promotions.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok lemme explain it like this hahaha

Gameflip’s sole income right now is off of Sales Commission, which is 10% off of the total listing price. Listing is free, selling is not. If you sell a game for $5, we make $0.50. If you sell a console for $300, we make $30 etc etc. So we’re not doing all of this TOTALLY for free, we make some money that way, despite giving away so many Credits hahaha. So I hope that can clear some of the air! (if they Google tech start-ups – its common to create a great service for people, and then focus on being profitable later! some start-ups and apps can be unprofitable for YEARS and they can still run just fine :smile:)

Another way to convince your friends of the legitimacy of our app is to show them the download numbers and ratings on the App Store and Play Store! We’re around 3.8-4.5 stars between the two, and 50,000+ downloads on Android alone. :flushed:

And it’s a common misconception that our app can scam for some reason OTL it’s because it’s so easy to scam on other marketplaces! Buy an item > Seller takes your money > Seller runs off with your money before you get your item in the mail. You can tell them about the Buy-Sell Flow. When you buy an item, the money goes into escrow – you do NOT pay the Seller right away. The only way for the Seller to get your money is when the item is delivered, you’ve examined it to verify that it is as described in the listing, and then you tap “Rate the Seller”. :v:

Now how about if you’re trying to sell an item? What if a Buyer forgets to rate? No worries! That’s why we put SO much emphasis on inputting a tracking number or Gameflip Shipping is the default shipping option for games (by far the most popular category to buy and sell in). When Gameflip “sees” that the item has been delivered, it will give the Buyer 3 days to rate the seller. If the Buyer doesn’t rate by then, Gameflip will assume that the Buyer is happily playing the game and forgot to rate, and will therefore auto-rate the Seller and complete the transaction for them, followed by releasing payment. :dollar:

If you think about it – it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to scam someone…unless the Seller tells you to tap “Rate the Seller” before you get the item. That’s the only situation! But just in case a newbie falls for that, we have a notification that pops up asking them something like “oh r u sure you got the item lols PLS DONT RATE UNTIL U GET THE ITEMS PLSSS ALL SALES FINALL”. You’d be surprised how many people still tap regardless :sweat: BUT otherwise, it’s an airtight super safe marketplace!


Well I’m glad to hear that you didn’t think it was “too good to be true”, and are letting people know about us! And yes, it’s very hard to get pass the trust issue when you are a brand new company. People are skeptical and rightfully so because they have no idea who you are yet. But, it’ll take people like you and the great community that we have so far to let them know that we are legit, and help spread the word! :smile: