Suggestions for improvement

I have many suggestions for Gameflip. I’ve been registered here since 2021, but only recently became really active.

In the meantime I noticed a few things that could be changed or improved on Gameflip.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. New game categories need to be added to “Play with Pro’s”. There are currently only 7 games that can be offered here when it comes to categories. However, there are certainly those who want to teach other games or offer in-game services. I e.g. would love to feature GTA Online or Minecraft in Play with Pro’s but there is no category for it.

  2. More places for photos and videos. I notice that only 4 photos are allowed in the ads and, depending on the offer, a 30-second video. This is a pity in itself, because some would like to explain their services in more detail or present products more. This is difficult with only 4 photo spots.

  3. More (out) payment options would not be wrong. I can understand that Paypal is no longer offered given the high fees.

  4. It would also be highly recommended if we could set up our own shop via Gameflip. I’m also thinking of a coupon option where we can issue coupon codes on certain products or services. That would certainly come in handy.

  5. It would be pretty cool if you could embed the Gameflip offers on a website via HTML. A kind of sales wiget that allows direct login/registration and payment without having to go to Gameflip first.

  6. It would be helpful if you knew how many people clicked on an offer and where they came from. You could work and sell a little more efficiently with it.

A visitor counter would be a very good start. And also how many are currently looking at an offer.

7. Affiliate Links (Refferal-Program)

If I think of more, I’ll write them as an answer or edit this post.

Have a nice day,




We appreciate you taking the time to give us this feedback.

We’ll make sure to pass along your suggestion to our specialized team so they’ll see what can be done.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:


Hello Dark Knight. I made a transfer to add funds to my account at dawn last Saturday and my transaction has not been reflected in the gameflip wallet But if the charge was made to my bank account. I sent a request on July 31 but to date I have not received a response (or no email has arrived. It may be because I wrote it in Spanish) This is my request number 865317

I thank you.

I even thought of a good feature. It would be very good if you could enter your local currency when selling and then have it automatically converted into dollars and displayed on the sales page. So you don’t have to convert the currency first. I also see that Gameflip supports many languages, but they have different types of money.

That would make Gameflip even more attractive internationally.