Gameflip is a very nice service but it needs more advertising and bigger staff

In the beginning i want to thank everyone working on this platform especially @DunnBiscuit , secondly i have been using gameflip for almost a year and i noticed that the support staff especially on this forum haven’t changed even tho the platform is growing everyday and so should the staff working on the platform (i remember the gameflip app on Android having 500k download 1 year ago when i have downloaded it now it has 1 million) another thing that gameflip needs to be more advertised to get more sellers/buyers to increase the buying/selling activity on the market because it’s lacking in some categories

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Hi there, Triplou! You might want to read this: New forum moderators!

P.S.:Completely agree with you about the advertising part, though! Both about general ads and specifically aimed ads. E.g.: the mobile gaming market has been growing exponentially, so that would most likely be a good place to explore! I have in-game items for mobile games but never once saw a discount code directed to those or any Gameflip advertisement on mobile gaming items. I knoe some of the main crew from Gameflip come from the mobile gaming market so I have no idea why they’re not yet exploring that further through Gameflip’s marketplace.

Oh i didn’t notice that post :sweat_smile: i wanted to suggest it long ago but i always forget to post here so good that they listened before i even ask :joy::joy: some nice advertising campaign on social networks and on the internet generally and the marketplace will be 1000X better and the flp coin value will increase