Why gameflip dont invest more in marketing?

Gameflip is amazing place to buy and sell games and itens. But many people dont know about gameflip. If the people dont know about this market place its hard to find.
I never had seen a baner or propaganda about Gameflip on internet. G2A for exemple have many marketing on internet, Gameflip not.
If Gameflip invest more in marketing, more people will came to platform and the platform will grow up more.

more people means more bandwidth. with zero membership fees the website would be crowded with nothing but sellers cause buyers would not be able to log in due to the number of users.
the less people know the better the buyers and sellers. plus there are fees. websites like ebay will let you buy items worth 100,000. the typical user here might spend $80 on a $100 special edition game. where is the money gonna come from to keep the ads up? paid users and ads. tons of ads.
we already have a huge problem with people listing fortnite/elden ring items 100 times each. imagine that with more sellers.


You thinking small. More people is equal more transactions that is equal a more money to sellers, buyers that find best offers and to plataform Gameflip. Imagine if has one million of transactions per day and a tax of 1% of each transaction, will have 10.000 for day to platform, more o 3,5 million for year, the costs of band and ad are inexpressive front the gains. Imagine if has 10 million, its 35 million for year with platform tax of 1%. The platform survive with transaction and peoples make transactions, if had few people had few transactions and few money circulation and few liquidation, will be hard sell products, the sellers will left, and with no good offers the buyers will left and the platform will death. For this reason its necessary always increase the number of active people in the platform.

How did you hear about Gameflip? Iā€™m sure they do some marketing, but G2A is just bigger and can spend more on marketing, and then they can charge sellers more :slight_smile: