gameflip you are big fee for sale

a big problem on this site is the fee that I think is exaggerated.
this is my opinion…
G2a= 5%
bitskins = 5%
opskins = 5%
kinguin = 5%
gameflip = 15%
steam = 15%
Track the fee if it would be less gameflip on par with those four sites and would triple traffic
however it is a very good site
Regards Cristian

please comment butterfly…when we have the lowest fee on sale?

I’m certain OPSKINS has a 10% fee and Gameflip has a 12% fee.

if you have premium, opskin has 5%, normaly is 10%. Gameflip has 12%

In addition to subscription, you also have to include the fees to get your money out, and that’s when G2A and Opskins hit you :wink: hard. That’s shady!

For sellers, Gameflip only charges 12% (digital only) and $0.25 for any amount to withdraw. Not sure how you get 15%.

ok 12% is fee gameflip,but we gain more and you (gameflip) the same.
the more it sells, the bigger the win gameflip more …
for 100euro removed from kinguin the tax is 1.8.
but I won by selling more and selling more lower prices …

opskins has 5%,for all
bitskins 5%

Ýeah, we need less fees… :frowning:

I think Gameflip will find a way to make itself competitive. Let’s see what they’ll do.

For OPSkins, I’m seeing 10% fees for “regular members” unless you buy subscription (attached screenshots). Their “featured listing” option is expensive ($3) so if you guys have a feature store, it’s a hell lot cheaper selling on Gameflip because ALL of your listings are featured for free :slight_smile: And when you list a skin, it’s automatically “bumped” at no cost.

If the fees are such a problem, we should stand together on this to make change since most of us are unsettled with this issue. Lets just hope that change will happen.

ok man…opskins-10% for regular members…
i am premium…
gameflip big tax on everything you say …
even a 8-9% as well …
gameflip is a very good site and it would be even better with 8-9% fee for sellling
and 1-2% for payout

understands that if prices are high on the site will be fewer buyers
and more sellers …
this lower fee and attract more buyers and sellers
gameflip so do not losse …
Remember how it was some time ago ???
NO FEE for sellers

Maybe I’m just spoiled but i havent bought much since they added the fees. The deals don’t really seem like great deals anymore.