Gameflip club is cool and everything but what if i want to avoid selling fees on listings more than 50$?

I have some cs go skins that im willing to buy buy most of them worth from 70-100$ and i dont wanna sell them bcs i will lose more than 10 dollars due to the fees so i suggest to make a new subscription program or return the old platinum one


This topic was actually brought up by me awhile ago.

They are researching and looking into making more subscriptions in the future.

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Wow we even used the same title intro. Weired i swear to god i never saw ur post before this comment :thinking::thinking::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Haha yeah, I thought this topic was mine for a split second when I first saw it.

Due to the fact that they removed subscriptions it became unprofitable to sell skins for gameflip, it is a pity that I will now have to look for other places for selling skins if they do not return subscriptions.