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Hello, I have connected the tariff plan Gameflip Club (Free 30 days trial), on July 8, the trial version expires, what is the cash limit for the sale of this tariff plan after reconnecting it for 1 per month? it will remain the same 50 or there will be no limits and I can sell skins for any amount with zero commission?

I sell goods worth over $ 50 per day, and if I give a commission of 10% it becomes very unprofitable for me, with a commission of 10% I can not make a big sales turnover.

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Good morning, I’m thinking of leaving the platform, because I see no way out. the gameflip is charging 10% on all sales, this 1 plan and can sell only 50 without fee every month. has other websites that are charging 4.7%. the skins are no longer worth anything and we still have to pay 10% fee, it gets very heavy. I’m a featured store in gameflip and I believe that stores like this should have a differential in the rate plan. I believe my duration for sales on this site is coming to an end. I would like the gameflip to reassess this condition before the site loses the remaining vendors and that over time have helped and much the gameflip become the site it is today! before we could give beautiful discounts for sales and today we can not count on so many discounts, I take the opportunity to apologize to the buyers for not getting a more affordable price for them. My welcome is over and I sincerely hope that the website will review your polychrome collections.


DunnBiscuit advised about 4 weeks ago that they would have an update on new subscription plans in a week’s time:

About a week ago they were still reviewing this:

And this thread would suggest that there are alot of other sellers in agreement. $50 is gone in a day or two and at that stage the fees are starting to become quite prohibitive especially when you get charged again to withdraw your money.

It is becoming harder and harder to even break even with the fees and current subscription model and as I have said before: We are the product, without any sellers there is nothing to buy and nothing to charge a fee on.

I still hope that something will change because the previous subscriptions seemed fine, arguably not enough on the cap or requiring another option for higher volume sellers, but it certainly didn’t seem like they needed to pull them completely. The cynic in me thinks this is to review if prices will be hiked by sellers and sales continue = more profit in which case they will know they can maintain the current subscription models or if the number of listed items will drop off = an issue for concern and they will simply default back to the old system.

We shall see. I do hope they are waiting on results of some surveys and/or they are trying to model something a bit more bespoke with a higher cap for non-casual sellers.

Hello guys! I’d like to assure you that we still have plans for launching more subscription programs with different benefits and cap than the Gameflip Club plan.

We are carefully reviewing current and past trends in the market to make sure our plans have a strong value proposition for you.

I deeply appreciate you guys coming here on the forums and expressing your opinions. If you are reading this message and have any comments or ideas to share, I strongly encourage you to write as this is valuable material for improving Gameflip for everyone.

Thanks a lot and we should get back to you soon on this topic.


Thanks so much for the update!

Im very happy to hear this news that you guys are looking into better subscriptions for those of us who sell more than 50$ per month. This honestly just made me very happy to read as I was upset about the Club subscription.

Hope you guys find something good for people like me and others for non bot delivery with a better cap.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Good to see that you guys are looking into this. Fingers crossed you guys can come up with something mutually beneficial to the sellers / buyers and Gameflip.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s great to hear about this as I’m looking forward to get a good subscription with Gameflip. I love selling here and how safe it can be. However, scammers are terrible in the app, and I think you guys should work on a faster system for this, as we get held on our money until disputes are solved and it sucks for big purchases, because then we have to wait and miss out on other good deals. I’d like your help in a dispute I have at the moment, since this scammer is even using fake pictures of him delivering the item and I think he should be taken care of as soon as possible before he tries this with any other person.

Can I suggest that you start a new thread and include in it the following:

  1. Your Invite Code
  2. Hyperlink for the Scammer
  3. Photos/Screenshots of the scam to educate other Sellers/Buyers and to show the Moderators the issue

Independent of this I would also raise a dispute on this transaction. Here is a guide if the transaction is ongoing:

If it is done then you can raise a ticket here: 1

If you do not hear anything from the Moderators then you can contact/PM them directly here:

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted.


Thanks a lot! Since I’m new, I didn’t have the permission to PM, but I just got it.

I see you have already posted a new thread :slight_smile:

A link for anyone else looking for it:

Hello joker new to this i have a question about the invite code my account is suspended but i cannot check my invite code pls help

Create a support ticket and put in your full phone number in the “Invite Code” part since you can’t access it.

I have gotten it figured out thanks for all the help though.

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