So today i got a notification that gameflip added new subscription plans

They did it guys they actually did it! After all these posts asking them to add new subscription they were actually listening to us, thank you gameflip


Actually exactly what we would have hoped. Far more varied options which would suit small, medium and big sellers.

Well done Gameflip! :+1:

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But i feel 30 days is not enough because for example the 5k subscription. Seems a bit impossible to finish the sales cap within 30 days. But it will work for sellers like steam pumkin.

Thats just my opinion

For me personally, $500 is a lot more than I expect that I will use in a month but as long as I’m making over $100 (and I do) then it pays for itself.

With regards to the $5000 dollars cap I believe that as long as you are selling over $750 dollars then it pays for itself.

Both options are still a lot better than simply having Gameflip Club.

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This replaces a $200,000 sales cap they previously offered. With CS:GO skins $5,000 is certainly doable and high enough you could have several high tier items listed without worry about going over the max. I’m personally going to try the $500 and am a bit worried I might sell more than that. I’d do the bot plan (which looks really nice), but I also sell codes and a few other things that wouldn’t be included. I’m considering it for next month anyways though.

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We took some time to analyze the trends within the marketplace to prepare more comprehensive options to everyone. We are listening to you guys :wink:

Here’s the brand new page for the subscriptions

More good stuff is still to come!