Subscription not working.

Hey, I recently joined the Gameflip subscription plan.The one where you have a 30 day free trial of no commsion sales. It has been working all day and yesterday until about 1hour ago, and now my listings now are being charged with commisions! Please can someone help? Thanks!

Did you hit the 50$ sales cap?

What do you mean? All my listings are under $50 unless you mean in total?

Currently the “Gameflip Club” subscription has a sales cap of $50. So you can sell up to $50 in goods without the 10% fees (2% Digital transfer fee + 8% Commission fee).

Suppose you sold a movie for $10, a game for $15, and a gift card for $25. You will get the whole $50 for those sales. But if you sell anything else after that the 10% fee will apply.

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is it $50 sale in total or $50 sales cap PER listing?

Hey @karma!

It’s a sales cap of $50 in total.

Just like @galacticarm demonstrated above.

God Speed! :trident: