Gameflip Subscription Glitch

My Gameflip Subscription is working perfect the last few days. But today i listed a weapon for 0.75$ and I had to pay commission and digital tranfer fees. Is this normal since an update or a weird glitch/bug

It is capped at $50 so you only get the reduced fees for the first $50 worth of sales. Further, the value of the listing must fit into the amount left from your $50 discount so if you had sold $43 worth and you then sell something at $7.01 you won’t get the reduced fees on any part of it.

Not sure if any of this is part of your problem but that has been the one oddity I have observed with the Gameflip subscriptions.

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But what if you used the first 50$ can you then buy another subscription or is there no way to get no fees/ reduced fees

At this time you can only have 1 subscription per month and the only one available is Gameflip Club. So you are capped at $50 a month I’m afraid.

@DunnBiscuit has advised that they are reviewing the Subscriptions that they offer and will post up news when they are ready to roll-out more subscription plans but it has been a few months now since they got rid of the old Gold and Platinum Subscriptions (Much better than Gameflip Club in my opinion) and there has been no news.

Okay thx for responding.

Login to the Gameflip website and go to
Under the subscription box should show “Sales Used”, which is the total price of items you’ve sold while under that subscription. If it’s $50 or over then you won’t get anymore 0% fee sales, until the subscription resets after the expire date.