Still showing 4.5% (From Platinum), but charging 10%

Hello. I have a bug. The site is still showing Platinum subscription pricing when listing (4.5%), but that’s no longer available. Could you fix this so it correctly displays/calculates the 10% that I’m being charged? KGUJ7X is the referral code if that matters.

Can you give a screenshot (with personal information painted out)?

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The plan was no longer offered a while ago. It’s still there for those who have bought it previously.

If you haven’t done so already, please contact us at

Send all the screenshots regarding this issue so we can provide you further help.


Alright, I’ll try to get the screenshots uploaded when I’m home and get a chance.

@TheFuBar - It was automatically discontinued for me (I actually lost most of a month that I paid for) and before that CS:GO and most other things had 0% fees. It’s charging me 10% as I’m not currently on any plan (used up the $50 one), but when I go to mass list it still calculates and displays the fees at 4.5%. I copy/pasted an example of one item and the summary it gives at the end.

“Page:1/3 Number of items:100
Total sales:$1581.04
Estimated fees:$71.42(4.5 % of Total Sales)
You make:$1509.62”

“$10.78 USD
Fees: $0.49
You make: $10.29”

That seems buggy. I usually use single listing, so I probably don’t know about this.

You should take a screenshot and send to support.

Here’s the picture. I’ll try to shoot the support an email tomorrow.